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Docker ubuntu – elasticsearch

I create a container with ubuntu‘s image. That’s all right, and i can use very well. So, i install a elasticsearch service in this ubuntu’s docker. I have a ubuntu docker. I install elasticsearch service it. When i use the command “curl -X GET ‘localhost:9200’ “, it return me the version, the name, all right. […]

Temporary failure in name resolution [Errno -3] with Docker

I’m following the docker tutorial and am on the part where I have to build the app using: docker build -t friendlyhello . It reaches up to step 4, where after a pause I get this error: Step 4/7 : RUN pip install -r requirements.txt —> Running in 7f4635a7510a Collecting Flask (from -r requirements.txt (line […]

Trying to set up a local DNS using a Docker container – Stuck trying to connect to it

I have an unRAID server at home that aside from a file server has a bunch of containers and VMs and now I’m trying to mount my own DNS server inside one of those VMs and have my router use that as the primary DNS. Right now I’m following this guide to setup BIND using […]

Cannot connect docker swarm agent from outside internet

I try to provide Python Flask (port 5000) on Docker swarm by Azure Container Service. The deployed agent can be connected by curl from swarm management but cannot connect from outside of internet. The port 5000 is well defined in agent Azure load balancer. What else can I inspect more? I launch flask by […]

Docker run – User group not working as expected?

I have a script that communicates over serial port (/dev/ttyUSB0). I want to run it from within a Docker image. However I don’t seem to have permissions to do it from within the image. I follow these steps: On my host, if I run ln -l /dev/ttyUSB0 I get: crw-rw—- 1 root dialout 188, 0 […]

Running Docker container randomly disappears on AWS EC2 Ubuntu

I’m running Docker on a t2.micro AWS EC2 instance with Ubuntu. I’m running several containers. One of my long-running containers (always the same) just disappeared after running about 2-5 days for the third time right now. It is just gone with no sign of a crash. The machine has not been restarted (uptime says 15 […]

udhcpc failed to get a DHCP lease GNS3

I have added ubuntu docker container to GNS3 and it runs on my local machine. Using NAT node I am trying to connect to internet. The problem is none of other nodes like router, also ubuntu docker container receive IP address through DHCP. udhcpc failed to get a DHCP lease error throws whenever I starts […]

Mounting a Laravel's .env file into a Docker container

Setup I’m running Docker on my Ubuntu server and I’m trying create a Laravel container to run my website with artisan. The Laravel project is inside a GitHub Repository and I clone the project to the docker container with a dockerfile. Problem Laravel projects are dependent on the .env (environment files) which are not included […]

Docker swarm constantly shuts down containers

I have created a docker swarm manager node on 3 machines – one windows 10 machine and 2 Ubuntu machines. Things are working as expected on windows 10 and one of the Ubuntu machines. However on the last machine (Ubuntu 16.04, a virtual one on Linode) after installing everything, following the instructions here and using […]

Docker apt-get update don't work

When I run docker run –rm ubuntu apt-get update, i have this error on my laptop. But command docker run –rm debian:jessie ping -c 5 google.com works correctly. Err:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial InRelease Could not connect to archive.ubuntu.com:80 ( – connect (111: Connection refused) [IP: 80] Err:2 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-updates InRelease Unable to connect to archive.ubuntu.com:http: […]

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