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Docker UCP Content Trust not work, notary

I have following problem with Docker Content Trust Registry, if i use following commands. Push signed Image Client Bundle download from UCP docker pull docker/trusttest docker tag docker/trusttest <dtr>:5000/test/trusttest:latest export DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST=1 docker push <dtr>:5000/test/trusttest:latest Error Log docker push <dtr>:5000/test/trusttest:latest If i want to pull the image, i get following error: Error response from daemon: required […]

Is any way to Openshift respect Docker ENV variables

I have been working with Docker Notary to help verify the trust of the images that we use, but now I want to use this feature inside Openshift. In theory, Openshift uses the Docker Client so if you setup the environment variable DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST=1 it supposes that just use images from trusted sources. I setup the […]

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