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CORS error upload file ~4mb

I’m building an app where angular front-end is on s3 as static website and Sails (0.10.3) API inside dokku with Node 0.11.13 and SSL on EC2. If file is larger than about 4mb I got error “No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.” OPTIONS request is hitting my API and I can catch […]

HTTPS URL Redirecting not working with HaProxy

I have two domain that each support HTTP and HTTPS – I want to redirect them to the proper ports / servers. The following config works for HTTP but not HTTPS global log local0 log local1 notice chroot /var/lib/haproxy user haproxy group haproxy # daemon defaults log global mode http option httplog option […]

Yesod scaffolded site browserId TlsException

What I want to do Create and authenticate users with BrowserId in Yesod. What I’ve tried I haven’t altered the authentication code from the scaffolded site. My reading of the following in Foundation.hs suggests this would create a new user when they authenticate with browserId. getAuthId creds = runDB $ do x <- getBy $ […]

Docker Registry incorrectly claims an expired CA cert

I followed the Docker Registry installation docs precisely, and have a registry running on a remote Ubuntu VM. On that VM, the Docker container is running with the following command: docker run -d -p 5000:5000 –restart=always –name registry \ -v `pwd`/auth:/auth \ -e “REGISTRY_AUTH_HTPASSWD_REALM=Registry Realm” \ -e REGISTRY_AUTH_HTPASSWD_PATH=/auth/htpasswd \ -v `pwd`/certs:/certs \ -e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE=/certs/registry.crt \ […]

Remote Docker Host Authentication

Hi I’m currently working on a side project. In this project I’ll have a central server that will need to connect to several remote docker daemons. My problem is with authentication. Given that the project will be hosted on Digitalocean, my first thought suggested that I’ll accept only connections from the private networking interface. The […]

Uploading and storing Docker certificates for connecting to remote Docker machines

From reading the Docker Remote API documentation: Docker Daemon over SSL Ruby Docker-API It appears the the correct way to connect to remote Docker machines is by letting the application know the location of the certificates to connect to a machine and connect using SSL/TLS with the certificates. Is there a way to not have […]

docker –tls vs –tlsverify

The docker cli tool provides two options for tls auth: –tls and –tlsverify. What’s the difference between these two options? I’ve set up my remote docker daemon to use some TLS certs I’ve made using openssl. I’m able to connect to the daemon using the –tls flag but not using the –tlsverify

artifactory pro registry docker image

I am trying out the 30 day trial version of the artifactory-registry docker image to evaluate the docker repository for our internal use. I am following the documentation https://www.jfrog.com/confluence/display/RTF/Running+with+Docker After I run the docker image I am able to access the UI on port 8081, however When I try to push an image I get […]

Docker push to Artifactory fails – unable to ping resgistry endpoint

I am using Artifactory backed up by nginx as the proxy server. The nginx load balancer is configured with SSL certs from a trusted authority. I created a local docker repo and need to push images but get the following error: unable to ping registry endpoint https://myArtifactory.com/v0/ v2 ping attempt failed with error: Get https://myArtifactory.com/v2/: […]

Docker Remote CA Verification

I have updated Docker 1.10 to 1.10.1 on latest CentOS 7 minimal. I am using Docker Remote Socket with self-signed certificates. Now I get suddenly: 509: certificate signed by unknown authority (possibly because of “crypto/rsa: verification error” while trying to verify candidate authority certificate I guess this is either a CentOS issue or Docker issue. […]

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