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golang:sshfs -o reconnect fails when used inside docker container with “reading directory .: Input/output error”

I am trying to mount a directory located on a host from a docker container using sshfs. The problem I am having is that once the golang app finishes executing the mountpoint disappears whereas it suppose to persist (the same steps performed manually are producing persistent results. The ssh client code: package main import ( […]

using remote filesystem in docker, best practices

I’m trying to dockerize my home multimedia setup build on OrangePI/RaspberryPi mini-servers. This question is rather about good practices, since i already have everything working without docker. Currently my architecture looks like this: sshfs/encfs remote filesystem mounted on startup – this is main storage for media files minidlna service that consumes that fs in readonly […]

SSHFS Mount for Docker Container / Node Server needs to access files on an external server

How do I execute a SSHFS Mount to mount a volume on a different server into my docker image / docker container ? The docker container contains a simple NodeJS web server. This web-page displays pictures. I have to get those image-files from a different server with different IP. So far I had this without […]

how to sshfs/sftp on boot2docker or docker-toolbox

I work with MacOSX (El Capitan) on a Core2duo processor. I work with Docker, but I can’t use native docker and I work with Boot2Docker over VirtualBox. As filesystem is not share between host and container, I can’t work with watch program to auto reload on modification file. I thought to a solution in editing […]

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