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docker on OSX not returning container output through ssh,

I am running docker (v0.9.0) on OSX 10.9 using boot2docker (v0.6). Everything builds normally. I can use docker normally inside the TinyCore VM. However, within OSX I can issue commands to the docker deamon, but I am not receiving any output. Nor can I retrieve information about containers or processes. For example, I can run […]

Run command in background does not work

My aim is to start docker in background. Due to some issues with services, I want to start docker manually in background. Here my approach, where I run the docker daemon in background, so I don’t have the output on the command line and the command line is not blocked by the process. HTTP_PROXY=http://example.net:8080 HTTPS_PROXY=http://example.net:8080 […]

How do i make this non-interactive?

I am trying to install pseudo-distributed hadoop installation. In that, i am installing ssh for passwordless authentication. I am running it from inside a docker file. RUN /usr/bin/sudo apt-get install -y openssh-server openssh-client WORKDIR /home/hadoop_admin RUN mkdir /home/hadoop_admin/.ssh RUN chmod 700 /home/hadoop_admin/.ssh RUN ssh-keygen -t rsa -P “” -f ~/.ssh/id_dsa RUN cat ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys […]

can't execute conky on docker

I try to execute conky on my container (docker) for monitoring it with ssh tunnel. If I try to execute conky on my admin server it’s okay but on my container I can’t ! pc –> admin server –> container I’ve installed libimlib2-dev but I get again this error: Conky: can’t open display: ***** Imlib2 […]

How to update war files in a docker tomcat container

I’ve started looking through docs and beginning to understand docker. Created an image using the official tomcat:7-jre7 image and stuck a war in the appropriate place and it starts/stops fine. My file for reference is : FROM tomcat:7-jre7 MAINTAINER: me, me@hotmail.com ADD app.war /usr/local/tomcat/webapps EXPOSE 8080 CMD [“catalina.sh”, “run”] Now that thats all good I […]

Why this SSH command on Nexpect does not work?

I am trying to run and get information about docker containers from inside a docker container, to do this I am using Nexpect, but I found a strange error: exports.getIP = function(username, callback){ var nexpect = require(‘nexpect’); nexpect.spawn(“ssh core@ \”docker inspect –format ‘{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}’ ” + username + “\””) .expect(” “) .run(function (err, stdout, […]

boot2docker command works on shell, but not in script

New to docker here. I have a series of commands which, if fire them off on the shell, work just fine, but if I put them in a script, don’t. boot2docker destroy boot2docker init boot2docker start boot2docker ssh & host=$(boot2docker ip 2> /dev/null) # everything works fine up to here ssh -i $HOME/.ssh/id_boot2docker -o “StrictHostKeyChecking […]

“The output of `ssh-add -l` doesn't contain 'RSA'. Start the agent, add your keys?” in Docker

I am following this article and have included my AWS credentials. I installed several CLI things required, and now get: $ ./trainer start 5 Greetings, cchilders/cchilders! The output of `ssh-add -l` doesn’t contain ‘RSA’. Start the agent, add your keys? I have already did eval $(ssh-agent) which doesn’t help.

gitlab docker ssh issue

I looked the different posts concerning gitlab, docker, and ssh issues without any help. So, I ask my question here. I have the following setting: linux box with ubuntu server 14.04 and IP DNS: git.mydomain.com = A gitlab docker that I start, according to the official doc, this way: sudo docker run –detach […]

tunnel ssh from another pc to docker

i am trying to create a ssh tunnel for executing conky in my contenair. pc –> server –> contenair(docker) i can create a tunnel from my pc to the server and from the server to contenair but i don’t know why i can’t execute this command from my pc to create a tunnel all the […]

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