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Docker host information and cluster

I am setting up a simple cluster using docker on several hosts. Before using docker the processes were simply started with a argument giving the address to a config server. The first thing each process does is to connect to the config server, get the addresses (host and port) of all the other services as […]

Docker Daemon for Windows

I want to explore Docker development targeting Windows containers. I understand Microsoft has put out the Tech Preview for Server 2016, but am wondering if there are other options for Docker containers running on Windows?

Connect Docker Container port to server's apache port (odoo Container)

I have downloaded the Odoo container and I want to docker run it inside my server and gain access from outside. This means I want to run the container in localhost:8069 and gain access from :8000 (8000 is an open port and apache2 serves from it). Is this possible?

How to make Nginx turn requests to the docker webapp in the same server

I have a server, and there’s 2 web apps running in docker. App1 is running in App2 is running in And I have 2 domain, I want to make domain1 point to the App1, and domain2 point to the App2. www.aaa.com -> port8080 www.bbb.com -> port8081 This is my nginx config file: user […]

Access docker image through web server

I am using a docker image and I can successfully access it and run it through a python script from my host machine. I am using sidomo for that purpose. The script works fine locally but doesn’t give any output when I run it on server. Even the docker images command doesn’t give correct output […]

how to diagnose blocked service responses

i have a few services running a little server. if i run one of the arbitrary services manually, i can very clearly see the request-response lifecycle complete successfully after client request. however, the client never actually receives the response. i’ve observed this behavior both in browser and with curl. it’s as though my system is […]

Docker mine craft connection issues

I am having real issues with connecting to my mine craft server that is contained inside a docker container. https://hub.docker.com/r/itzg/minecraft-server/ is the container i’m using, and I am running it with this command. sudo docker run -d -it –e EULA=TRUE -p 25565:25565 –name mc25565 itzg/minecraft-server I have done a lot of reasearch related to this […]

Java code to view status of docker containers on remote host, connection refused

I’m working on a Java program using the docker–java library to see if I can view the status of docker containers on remote servers. I have been able to get it to check the status of local docker containers using this code: DockerClient dc = DockerClientBuilder.getInstance().build(); List<Container> containers = dc.listContainersCmd().withShowAll(true).exec(); for (Container a : containers) […]

Stage, release and production server docker containers in single VPS

Currently, we are using a $5 USD droplet with containers acting as stage, release candidate and production server each. We are a small team of (enthusiasts) developers with limited resources looking for value for money setup and scalability. What are we missing by not going to 3 droplets for each server setup? What other approach/technologies […]

How to consist the containers in Docker?

Now I am developing the new content so building the server. On my server, the base system is the Cent OS(7), I installed the Docker, pulled the cent os, and establish the “WEB SERVER container” Django with uwsgi and nginx. However I want to up the service, (Database with postgres), what is the best way […]

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