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RUnit does not stop docker-compose's containers

I would like to have a RUnit service to supervise a set of containers launched by docker-compose tool, here’s my the runit script: In /etc/sv/app/run #!/bin/bash exec 2>&1 APP_HOME=/home/myapp source $APP_HOME/env.sh exec docker-compose -f $APP_HOME/docker-compose.yml up Here’s what I have then: sv start app – launches the docker-compose thing just fine sv stop app – […]

Does runit reap orphan processes?

I am writing a small Docker container based on Phusion baseimage which provides runit out of the box. I put Cassandra and Opscenter agent in my container. Both are started as service under /etc/service (as in the doc). This blog post mentions that my_init would collect zombie processes, but is vague about what it does […]

Create a runit service that doesn't automatically start

I’m working on a Docker container built on Phusion’s baseimage which needs to have a number of services only started on demand. I’d like these services to remain as runit services, I’d just like them to not automatically start on boot. As seen in their documentation, you can easily add a service by creating a […]

Cannot start Subgit synchronisation automatically within Gitlab Docker Container via runit

My local Gitlab CE Docker container has Subgit included. When the Gitlab container is restarted the Subgit synchronisation should also start automatically. My solution is derived from the original Dockerfile of gitlab/gitlab-ce on Dockerhub. In the original Dockerfile an SSH daemon has been added and set under control of runit. I did the same with […]

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