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How can I deal with gemspecs that use `git ls-files` when in a Docker container?

Here is the problem: I have several gem repos forked to make changes and added as submodules to vendor. Normally I would specify those dependencies in my Gemfile like: gem ‘whatever’, path: ‘./vendor/whatever’ This works fine on my local machine, but the .git directories are not copied to the Docker containers because that would add […]

How to run cucumber/selenium tests in Docker?

I am struggling to run my cucumber tests from a Docker image. Here is my setup: I use OSX with XQuartz to run an X11 session I use an Ubuntu 14 Vagrant image for development where I forward my X11 session I am trying to run a docker image with Firefox that will use my […]

Vagrant Error in Centos

This is my first time using Vagrant so bear with me. I’m running a test somebody has given me so I can learn Vagrant/Docker/etc. I am having issues getting it to start. I initially tried on CentOS 7 which didn’t work. I assumed it was down to a version issue so tried on Centos 6 […]

$GEM_HOME and $GEM_PATH are wrongly set in Passenger

I am trying to setup a rails(v4.2.6) application using Passenger(v5.1.4)+Nginx in a docker container. I used official ruby 2.3.1 as base image. Following is my nginx file for site server { server_name example.local; listen 4000; access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log; error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log; root /www/app/public; passenger_ruby /usr/local/bin/ruby; try_files $uri @passenger; location @passenger { passenger_enabled on; rails_env development; } … […]

Docker compose ruby + postgres – cannot connect to postgres

I created Dockerfile to ruby from official docker compose website. I used docker compose to integrate this with postgres. When docker-compose up, then postgresql start but I cannot connect to this. The main problem is in ruby database config because I can’t change to listen to another host and set default user. I don’t know […]

How can I solve “crontab: your UID isn't in the passwd file. bailing out.”?

Hi I’m using Docker and whenever to write cron schedule rules, but when I run whenever –update-crontab in my docker container this errors is showing to me. crontab: your UID isn’t in the passwd file. bailing out. [fail] Couldn’t write crontab; try running `whenever’ with no options to ensure your schedule file is valid. Dockerfile […]

chef-container + chef-vault

I try to run few Chef cookbooks in docker. chef-container seams to be a good solution for this. In the cookbook I use credentials which come from encrypted data_bags via chef-vault. Is there already a solution for chef-container in combination with chef-vault?

How to give a docker image some arguments in the Dockerfile?

Is there something like: FROM ruby RUBY_MAJOR=2.1 RUBY_VERSION=2.1.5 I know that I could write ruby:2.1.5, but this is just an example for my question.

gem: command not found

I have bash file which build gem files and launch my program: cd /src/stackify-api rm *.gem gem build stackify.gemspec gem install stackify-0.1.0.gem cd /src/stackify-classificator rm *.gem gem build stackify-classificator.gemspec gem install stackify-classificator-0.1.1.gem cd /src/bin ruby console-task.rb I use it in the docker container. It works fine if I launch the container interactively and run this […]

Docker with a Rails App-Workers not running

So I have a Rails Application that has multiple types of workers. I decided to try and run the rails app with Docker, with a separate image for each type of worker (Resque, DelayedJob, a scheduler, different configurations). The problem is that the workers with queues (DelayedJob + Resque) are not picking up jobs (using […]

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