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Jenkins docker cache not working

I’m trying to build a docker file under jenkins docker build . Here is my docker file: # DOCKER-VERSION 0.10.0 FROM docker-index.my.com/ruby:1.9.3 MAINTAINER my.com # Never install a ruby gem docs RUN echo “gem: –no-rdoc –no-ri” >> ~/.gemrc RUN mkdir /my_app WORKDIR /my_app RUN gem install bundler RUN gem install bluepill ADD Gemfile /my_app/Gemfile ADD […]

How to run a docker container as a daemon starting the rails project built inside?

I’ve built an image with this Dockerfile: FROM rails RUN apt-get update RUN mkdir /home/projects WORKDIR /home/projects RUN rails new hello EXPOSE 3000 And this command: sudo docker build -t=”hello” . Now my question is how to get the container running as a daemon and with the rails server command ?

Unable to run rails console using Docker Compose

Im quite new to Docker and have started using Docker Compose to run my rails 4 application in development on my OS X 10.10 machine. The rails app works fine but if i try to run the rails console using the command below: docker-compose run web bundle exec rails console or docker-compose run web rails […]

Add Seeds file after Dokku build

I am using dokku-alot to deploy my Rails 4 app to my staging server and everything is working just swell. One requirement I have with my current project is in regards to seed file data. I’ve had to keep my seeds.rb file out of version control because of sensitive information. However, I can’t figure out […]

Rails and Nginx on different Docker containers (how share data between containers)

I want to know if it’s possible (or even a good practice) to run a Rails app and Nginx on different Docker containers. My intention is to use one instance of Nginx to serve more than one application running in containers in the future. My question is because I will have to configure Nginx to […]

Rails Puma inside of Docker Instance stops responding from inactivity

I have a Docker file which correctly builds and runs a Rails Application. Everything works. As long as I keep sending traffic to the instance, it works. However, if I leave it idle for more than a couple of minutes, it stops responding. On the server, wget localhost: just gets stuck. wget localhost:8081 –2014-01-28 18:34:23– […]

How can I Enable Unaccent for postgres in Docker-Compose?

I need to enable the accents for postgreSQL. This is my docker-compose.yml, but it doesn’t work. Any tips? Thank you. db: image: postgres ports: – 5432 environment: DB_UNACCENT: true mailcatcher: image: aboutsource/mailcatcher ports: – “1080:1080” web: build: . command: passenger start –port 3000 volumes: – .:/myapp environment: – RAILS_ENV=development ports: – “3000:3000” – “25:25” – […]

Dockerfile for Rails app – Permission Denied

I am attempting to create a docker image of a rails app using rvm (as non-root) and am running into permission errors: Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu RUN apt-get update -q RUN apt-get install -qy curl RUN apt-get install -y libpq-dev RUN apt-get install -y imagemagick –fix-missing RUN apt-get install -y curl patch gawk g++ gcc make […]

How to run a database independent of a Rails app?

How can I separate a database and rails app into two different containers? The tutorial on Docker shows how to create the two with the docker-compose set-up, however I’m more curious on how to set this up manually so that I can play around with SOA on Docker.

Socket error from within Rails app in Docker container connecting to remote MySQL DB

I have a rails app (running in production mode) in a docker container linked to another container running a MySQL server instance. The app itself is running under nginx/passenger as the “app” user. I’ve configured the production database under rails as follows: production: adapter: mysql database: <%= ENV[‘MYSQL_PRODUCTION_DATABASE’] %> pool: 5 username: <%= ENV[‘MYSQL_USER’] %> […]

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