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Docker container not starting when connect to postgresql external

I have docker container with redmine in it and I have postgresql-95 running on my host machine, and I want to connect my redmine container to my postgresql. I followed this step : https://github.com/sameersbn/docker-redmine, to connect my container with external postgresql. assuming my host machine with ip, so I ran this command : docker […]

Ignore redmine prompt when building dockerfile

I’m building docker file: FROM ubuntu:wily RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get install -y ruby 1.9.3 RUN apt-get install -y apache2 libapache2-mod-passenger RUN apt-get install -y mysql-client RUN apt-get install -y redmine redmine-mysql The last command will install Redmine and it will prompt to ask for config the database connection like this: Package configuration ┌──────────────────────────┤ Configuring […]

Request entitity too large when uploading file on redmine docker

guys. I have this redmine running on docker. When I tried to upload a file in documents or attachment, it occured an error: Request entitity too large I already setup Maximum attachment size on setting more high but still error even when I upload file with 2mb only. Has anyone ever face this problem? Please […]

How to run redmine with a postgresql database using docker compose

Using the official redmine docker guide it is possible to start a redmine server connected to a postgresql database. I used the following commands: docker run -d –name redmine_db -p 6543:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=secret -e POSTGRES_USER=redmine postgres:9.5.1 docker run -d –name redmine_web -p 3001:3000 –link redmine_db:postgres redmine:3.2.3 But I have difficulties to run the same configuration […]

docker-compose persisting folder empty

I would like use bitnami-docker–redmine with docker-compose persisting on Windows. If i run the first exemple docker-compose.yml, without persisting application, redmine start and run perfectly. But, i would like use this with persisting application exemple : version: ‘2’ services: mariadb: image: ‘bitnami/mariadb:latest’ environment: – ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=yes volumes: – ‘./mariadb:/bitnami/mariadb’ redmine: image: bitnami/redmine:latest ports: – 80:3000 volumes: […]

Redmine: Docker failures

I want to install Redmine in Docker. I followed this tutorial. When I tried with Postresql docker run –name=postgresql-redmine -d \ –env=’DB_NAME=redmine_production’ \ –env=’DB_USER=redmine’ –env=’DB_PASS=password’ \ –volume=/srv/docker/redmine/postgresql:/var/lib/postgresql \ sameersbn/postgresql:9.6-2 docker run –name=redmine -d \ –link=postgresql-redmine:postgresql –publish=10083:80 \ –env=’REDMINE_PORT=10083′ \ –volume=/srv/docker/redmine/redmine:/home/redmine/data \ sameersbn/redmine:3.3.2-1 I got the following error message: docker: Error response from daemon: Cannot link […]

How to configure the 'smtp ' settings on docker/redmine container instance?

Install & run steps: docker pull redmine:latest // 3.3.3 docker run -d -p 10030:3000 -v /opt/yunpan01/redmine:/usr/src/redmine –name redmine redmine:latest redmine started successfully. But the smtp settings was not Configured. Please tell me how to configure the SMTP settings.

How to enable Redmines 'adding of issues' when using Docker?

I have the official postgres image running as a docker container, as well as the official redmine 3.3.1 container linked to the postgres container. All my data is being persisted and Redmine appears to be working fine, with one exception. I have no way of adding issues within Redmine. I have the modules enabled and […]

Docker Container(Dockerfile from other image) immediately exit – It is all about Dockerfile not command

I am trying to run Redmin via docker. Here is what I am going to do Copy redmine:latest docker image to custom image Do some extra setting and make a container Run the custom docker container So I made Dockerfile like FROM redmine CMD [“echo”, “Redmine is ready!”] Then I built image with docker build […]

docker compose backup bitnami redmine volume

I started a bitnami redmine container (via docker-compose), logged in to redmine and created one user. What’s the procedure to backup/restore the system at this point? I would like to be able to do a fresh docker-compose up afterwards but using the backup volume, the one which has the user I created. I tried to […]

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