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Docker try to download unnecessary busybox image on creation of redis pod with kubernetes tools

I’m trying to make a demo of Kubernetes on CoreOS cluster. I have a pod with redis specifications as: redis.json { “id”: “redis”, “desiredState”: { “manifest”: { “version”: “v1beta1”, “id”: “redis”, “containers”: [{ “name”: “redis”, “image”: “dockerfile/redis”, “ports”: [{ “containerPort”: 6379, “hostPort”: 6379 }] }] } }, “labels”: { “name”: “redis” } } Then, when […]

Redis keys melting and not adding up

I’ve got 3 Node/Redis/Mongo stacks that I’m sending identical write streams to each. The architectural differences are: A: all hosted locally on OSX B: using standardized Docker images on boot2docker C: using the same Docker images on GCE (Google Compute Engine) Just focusing on Redis for a second, I get the following results under constant […]

Apache Ignite cache operation failure

I’ve installed Ignite using a docker image from docker hub. Ignite server node starts correctly. But I get the following exception when trying to update cache: [SEVERE][rest-#35%null%][GridCacheCommandHandler] Failed to execute cache command: GridRestCacheRequest [cacheName=null, cacheFlags=0, ttl=null, super=GridRestRequest [destId=null, clientId=466b7ff5-c303-452e-8f2d-97d59c753de5, addr=null, cmd=CACHE_PUT]] class org.apache.ignite.IgniteCheckedException: Failed to find cache for given cache name (null for default cache): […]

How do I “dockerize” a redis service using phusion/baseimage-docker

I am getting started with docker, and I am trying by “dockerizing” a simple redis service using Phusion’s baseimage. On its website, baseimage says: You can add additional daemons (e.g. your own app) to the image by creating runit entries. Great, so I first started this image interactively with a cmd of /bin/bash. I installed […]

Error :Could not connect to Redis at redis:6379: Name or service not known

I am trying to execute the container named redis which is running right now.But the error Could not connect to Redis at redis:6379: Name or service not known. Any one please hell me to figure out the issue and fix it.

Docker-compose not attaching redis: redis does not start

I have an issue with my docker-compose configuration that I cannot pinpoint: redis won’t start. My docker-compose.yml: web: build: ./web links: – db – redis ports: – “8080:8080” db: image: mysql ports: – “3307:3306” environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root MYSQL_DATABASE: bignibou_dev redis: build: ./redis ports: – “63790:6379” My ./web/Dockerfile: FROM java:8 ADD ./bignibou-server-1.0.jar /app/bignibou-server-1.0.jar ADD ./spring-cloud.properties /app/spring-cloud.properties […]

Some docker containers don't start on system boot

I’m using docker restart policies on my containers (–restart=always) running on Ubuntu 14.04. Example containers: docker run -d –restart=always redis:2.8 docker run -d –restart=always postgres:9.4 When I reboot the machine the postgres container starts automatically but the redis container does not. Is this a problem with docker restart policies or am I missing something? Edit: […]

Docker SCRATCH container can't find files

I have a very simple dockerfile: FROM scratch MAINTAINER “aosmith” <a..h@…com> EXPOSE 6379 ADD redis-server /redis-server ENTRYPOINT [“/redis-server”] The docker file is in a folder with a statically compiled copy of redis-server. The build runs find but the container refuses to start: ➜ redis git:(master) ✗ docker run f16 no such file or directory Error […]

Redis Mass Insertion – Errors out

I’m trying to follow Redis Mass Insertion – Redis with Redis and something is amiss(. root@f7ca5eef4a4c:~# redis-cli –version redis-cli 3.0.6 root@f7ca5eef4a4c:~# redis-cli> flushall OK> root@f7ca5eef4a4c:~# for i in {0..10} ; do echo “SET Key$i Value$i” >> $$ ; done root@f7ca5eef4a4c:~# cat $$ | redis-cli –pipe All data transferred. Waiting for the last reply… […]

Redis Docker connection refused

I just built the redis docker instance $ docker pull redis After which I ran it like this. $ docker run –name=redis –detach=true –publish=6379:6379 redis I get the following $ docker ps key redis “/sbin/entrypoint.sh” 22 minutes ago Up 22 minutes>6379/tcp redis To me the above means that it is now running listening on […]

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