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Docker Redis container orderly shutdown

I am running redis-server in a Docker container on Ubuntu 14.10 x64. If I access the redis database via phpRedisAdmin, do a few edits and then get them to be saved to disk, shutdown the container and then restart it everything is fine – the edited redis keys are present and correct. However, if I […]

Docker – Cannot start Redis Service

I’m installation Redis, setting up init.d, placed the redis.conf beside init.d. Then using CMD service init.d start to start Redis. However, Redis-Server does not start, and there are no indiciation in the log file that the service failed to start. Installing Redis and Placing redis.conf to the etc/init.d folder Commands: # add our user and […]

Dockerize Logstash, Redis setup

Have a Logstash process using file as input sending events to Redis and from there to second Logstash process and over to custom http process. So, Logstash –> Redis –> Logstash –> Http In order to dockerize the setup I was thinking of keeping Logstash –> Redis on one container and linking that with Redis […]

MessageListenerContainer not listening after crashing master redis instance in redis sentinel in docker env

I have a question. I have redis sentinel setup in the docker env. (without docker, things work fine) I am using the Jedis and redis sentinel support from spring. RedisMessageListenerContainer is supposed to take care the subscriber part. However, after shutting down the redis master node, I am able to output the new ip and […]

Docker with nodeBB redis is not configured properly?

So everything is working well with my project image expect for redis. I was able to build and run, I am happy about that but inside my config.json I have tried changing the host to redis,, and the ip of my VM. When I run my nodeBB inside my container I get this issue […]

How to configure spring boot web app with redis using Docker

I have a small spring boot web application which saves the data to redis. After running docker-compose.yml containers are started but on localhost:8085 i have “The connection was reset”. spring boot aplication.yml server: address: — spring: profiles: development server: address: — spring: profiles: production server: address: docker-compose.yml web: build: docker_app ports: – […]

Docker Redis container getting WARNING: /proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn in a user defined network

Hey guys I’m having a really hard time with this one and I need help. I need to run a Redis container on a user defined network and assign it a static ip so I have this: docker run -v /root/test/:/data/ -p 7001:7001 –net iso_nw –ip –name testy -d redis redis-server /data/redis.conf This causes […]

Migrating dockerized redis to another server

I am new to both docker and redis. I have configured serverA to run redis inside docker. The redis database has been pre-seeded with a thousand key/value pairs. I can confirm the data has been persisted in this container. I then created a new docker image from this container, uploaded it to my docker repository. […]

Node JS expess session undefined when running on docker, but runs fine on MAC

I have a simple Node JS web application server that allows a user to login and post/edit a simple blog. I use Redis as my session store and CouchDB as my DB. I run everything (Node app, Redis, Couch DB) on my MAC & use my browser running on MAC to connect to it (https://localhost:3000 […]

Redis memory usage, ZSET and docker

I have a redis instance (3.2) on docker (official image) which is pretty much unused, except the script I launched every second, to unqueue potential items in a ZSET. Here is my script: local latestSchedule = redis.call(‘ZRANGEBYSCORE’, KEYS[1], ‘-inf’, 123456789, ‘LIMIT’, ‘0’, ‘1’) if latestSchedule[1] == nil then return nil end redis.call(‘ZREM’, KEYS[1], latestSchedule[1]) return […]

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