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Best way to to implement Spark + AWS + Caffe/CUDA?

I am looking to deploy an application that already has a trained caffemodel file and I need to deploy it to a Spark cluster on AWS for processing due to GPU computation power needed (20K patches per image). From my research it seems that the best way to do it is to use Spark to […]

Creating a python script for selenium testing

I am using docker to set up a selenium testing environment. So far i have successfully downloaded and installed: selenium/hub, selenium/node-chrome and selenium/node-firefox. Once started i can see the hub and the nodes running at So far so good. I am then using the official python image to create a test container. This is […]

Docker exits before fork completes execution?

I am testing my code with docker for a multi process implementation which I need the processes to run independent of its parent and they simply run to completion and do not need to communicate anything back to the parent. I have implemented the application in two ways just in case one breaks, one with […]

How to change “remote process types” for Heroku deploy with Docker

I am deploying a docker container to Heroku and deploying the incorrect remote process types. I am not sure why this is happening… My Procfile is: web: python app.py My docker-compose.yml file is: web: build: . command: python app.py working_dir: /app environment: PORT: 8080 ports: – ‘8080:5000’ shell: build: . command: bash working_dir: /app environment: […]

Flask with docker network: Flask doesn't support multiple network interfaces?

I’m trying to use flask in a docker container but it seems to have a multiple nic problem. That flask container has two docker networks. One is bridge and the other one is overlay. Flask responses when I access to the bridge IP(from outside client or docker host). but it won’t response when I access […]

Assigning docker container to a recieved from outside port with Python

I am trying to assign docker container (docker sits on machine 1 on AWS) to a received ip from machine 2 I have the server (machine 1) script: #!/usr/bin/python from socket import * import threading HOST = ” PORT = 334 BUFSIZE = 1024 ADDR = (HOST, PORT) def myfunction(client): #while True: data = client.recv(1024) […]

I'm having trouble using docker-py in a development environment on OSX

I am creating Python code that will be built into a docker image. My intent is that the docker image will have the capability of running other docker images on the host. Let’s call these docker containers “daemon” and “workers,” respectively. I’ve proven that this concept works by running “daemon” using -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock I’d like […]

Windows: Using Tensorflow with Python 3 instead of Python 2 (Docker)

Dearest Community, I’ve been searching for hours, but after several trials and errors, I give up and ask you, honourable community. My problem is very similar to the one stated here: Using TensorFlow through Jupyter (Python 3) So, I have both installed Python 2 and Python 3 (3.4.3). Currently Tensorflow runs only with Python 2 […]

JUJU charm and image based build (qcow2)

Is it possible to build a JUJU charm that works on top of a qcow2 image? or any other image type (iso) ? What are the needed hooks? Also, Can I build a charm on top of a Dockerfile? Documentation is not clear regarding that point (there is a docker layer but I haven’t figure […]

What is the correct command needed to execute my python app in my dockerfile?

I’m using continuum’s anaconda3 docker image. However, I can’t figure out what I need to do in my docker-compose file to have my app run. Currently, when I run docker-compose up, my database will connect, but then the service web exits and will say that the path to app.py doesn’t exist: python: can’t open file […]

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