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docker boto3 AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials

I’m working in a Command line tool using boto3 in a container running python:3.4 image, In my laptop I can run the code without problem but inside the container I receive the following error: File “/usr/local/lib/python3.4/site-packages/botocore-1.3.26-py3.4.egg/botocore/client.py”, line 310, in _api_call return self._make_api_call(operation_name, kwargs) File “/usr/local/lib/python3.4/site-packages/botocore-1.3.26-py3.4.egg/botocore/client.py”, line 407, in _make_api_call raise ClientError(parsed_response, operation_name) botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error […]

Error adding local file to docker image with docker-py

I have been working with docker-py, in order to build images and launch containers all in one script. So far it has been very smooth. However, I am currently having issues with the ADD/COPY commands in the Dockerfile string variable. I need to add a file from the source directory directly into the image. With […]

Django on App Engine Managed VM

I have a minimal Django project that I am trying to deploy onto Google App Engine Managed VMs. I’m having a bit of trouble understanding exactly what is going on and what is serving what. I have an app.yaml file that looks like this: runtime: custom vm: true entrypoint: custom api_version: 1 manual_scaling: instances: 1 […]

python variable not being passed?

Hi so I’m trying to write a script that at its most basic will list out running processes on a docker container using the docker_py api. I have the following: #!/usr/bin/python import docker import sys import argparse parser = argparse.Argument.Parser(description=’docker process checker’) parser.add_argument(‘-n’, help=’Name of container’, required=True) parser.add_argument(‘-p’, help=’Name of process’, required=True) args = parser.parse_args() […]

Flask-Babel won't translate text on AWS within a docker container, but does locally

I have a flask app that is using flask-babel to translate text. I have created a docker container for it all to run in. And i have verified multiple times that both are being run and built exactly the same way. When i put the app on my local docker container (using a vagrant linux […]

Issue running python scripts in docker container outside of run -it /bin/bash

So I have a weird issue with a python script I’m trying to run… this works: docker run -it <my image> /bin/bash <inside container> xvfb-run python myscript.py <arg> Everything starts up, firefox launches in headless mode, it’s all good. This doesn’t work: docker run -d <my image> /bin/bash -c “xvfb-run python myscript.py <arg>” docker top […]

Unable to access my web2py app login page by running docker container using gae

I am new to docker, I’m trying to run my web2py app using docker container in gae, my Dockerfile create the docker image, below is my dockerfile FROM ubuntu:trusty MAINTAINER john #install python RUN apt-get install -y -qq wget python unzip #install GAE RUN wget https://dl.google.com/dl/cloudsdk/channels/rapid/google-cloud-sdk.zip && unzip google-cloud-sdk.zip && rm google-cloud-sdk.zip RUN google-cloud-sdk/install.sh –usage-reporting=true […]

Docker containers performance difference between OSX and Linux

I recently switched from OSX (el capitan) to Ubuntu (16.04) and I’m working on a Python project which makes use of docker containers for integration tests with different databases (I have containers for mysql, postgres and so on). What shocked me is that I noticed that my test suite runs about 4 times slower than […]

Unable to execute Postgresql commands with python in seperate docker containers

I have this setup 1) Docker Container Server running postgresql image in background created with command docker run –name post2 -d postgres 2) Client Docker Container running ubuntu with python running psycopg2 My Postgresql container is exposed on ip address I’m able to communicate with the server when enter command curl in my […]

Docker / congifparser error in requirements.txt

In my code I’m using configparser: from configparser import ConfigParser And I’m using pip freeze to generate my requirements.txt pip freeze > requirements.txt And for configparser it’s writing configparser==3.3.0.post2 But that fails when I do a pip install -r requirements.txt from within the docker container via a docker build: docker build -t denzel . Downloading/unpacking […]

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