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How to scp a folder from windows to boot2docker?

My Windows hostname is xxxxr and domain name is yy.zz.com I have a shared compute service whose domain is qq.pp.in and ip is a.b.c.d I logged into the scs as xxxxr scp -r xxxxr@yy.zz.com:file1.txt xxxxr@qq.pp.in:file2.txt When i execute this command through putty. I get ssh: connection timed out. Any suggestionds?

Docker – AWS – What do I need to do next?

I’m totally new at AWS and also Docker, but I figured out how to create an instance with AWS and how to install docker on it and pull/run a docker image. Right now, I’m running on my AWS-Instance two images, dla-core and dla-gui. When I was running it on my local docker quickstart terminal, I […]

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