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How do you pass an environment variable to Solr running inside Docker when the environment variable only exists inside the container?

I need to do a dataimport from a PostgreSQL container running inside docker to a Solr server also running inside of Docker. In my docker run command I specify the –link option which creates the environment variable $POSTGRESQL_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR inside the solr docker container, and I need to pass this into Solr to use in my […]

Install pgAdmin 3 without postgresql

I try to install pgAdmin3 for postgresql 9.4 but have an error: Could not find your PostgreSQL installation. You might need to use the –with-pgsql=DIR configure option. I saw some questions in this resource, for example Building pgadmin3-1.20.0 in CentOS 7 with PostgreSQL-9.4 But I’ve postgresql running in Docker and have not locally installation. Any […]

Docker: Running multiple applications VS running multiple containers

I am trying to run Wildfly, Jenkins and Postgresql in Docker container(s). As far as I could understand from articles I’ve read, the Docker way is to have each application run in a different container. Is my assumption correct or is it better to have only one container containing these three applications?

docker CMD run supervisord in background

is there any way to run supervisord in the background. means start the process and get out of shell. I have a docker file where i try to run a script that suppose to start the postgresql and then get out. so I have a process running and i can create users. Docker command CMD […]

Some docker containers don't start on system boot

I’m using docker restart policies on my containers (–restart=always) running on Ubuntu 14.04. Example containers: docker run -d –restart=always redis:2.8 docker run -d –restart=always postgres:9.4 When I reboot the machine the postgres container starts automatically but the redis container does not. Is this a problem with docker restart policies or am I missing something? Edit: […]

docker-compose django-postgres error

I have exactly followed this tutorial (http://docs.docker.com/compose/django/) but when doing docker-compose up I get this error: $ docker-compose up Recreating composeexample_db_1… Recreating composeexample_web_1… Attaching to composeexample_db_1, composeexample_web_1 db_1 | LOG: database system was shut down at 2015-07-27 16:17:21 UTC db_1 | LOG: MultiXact member wraparound protections are now enabled db_1 | LOG: database system is […]

docker postgres data on build step

I’m trying to create a docker image with postgres AND some users, schema and data. I don’t want to use docker-entrypoint-initdb.d because database will be initialize in docker run step, i want all my data avalaible when docker run. So i’m trying to build an image with some users, schema and data, but i can’t […]

How to add PostgreSQL datasource to WildFly Full 9.0.1.Final?

I am trying to use postgres in WildFly Full 9.0.1.Final. Unfortunately, for a task that should be simple, we have had 2 people trying for days to figure out how to make this work. I should add that I am using Docker, and as I build the docker image I am trying various ways to […]

Is there a way to repopulate with command-line a postgres db that I can't drop?

I’m looking to load a database from a backup.gz. The backup is raw sql generated from pg_dump -U postgres app_development -f backup.gz -Z9. I’ve tried dropping the db with psql -Upostgres -c “drop database app_development” but I get: ERROR: database “app_development” is being accessed by other users DETAIL: There are 3 other sessions using the […]

Running SonarQube with Docker in CI/CD pipeline

I’m trying to get SonarQube stood up and scanning applications via Docker containers on an EC2 instance. I’ve spent the past day poring over SonarQube and Postgres documentation and am having very little luck. The most sensible guide I’ve found is the docker–sonarqube project maintained by SonarSource. More specifically, I am following the SonarQube/Postgres guide […]

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