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Publishing Docker by proxing with NGINX, how to change port?

I need to create a sevice at port 12345, but the instructions say docker run -p 80:8080 swaggerapi/swagger-ui … Can I change the host port (the final publishing is it?), from 80 to 12345? Change the host port or the container port? So, I will use docker run -p 12345:8080 swaggerapi/swagger-ui… It will work fine? […]

How to expose more ports on a running docker container

I have exposed port 3306 on my docker container, and I would like to install a web server on it and expose port 80 on the same container.

Is it possible to set a different host port than the container's exposed port in docker?

Is it possible to set a different host port than the container’s exposed port in docker? For example docker run -name some_container -p 80:8080 -i -t some_img If so, is it -p host:container or -p container:host? I’ve looked through the docs and haven’t found any examples of this nor details on the publish option for […]

Restrict published port to a specific container with Docker

I have two Docker images : a tomcat image, exposing the port 8080 a mysql image, exposing the port 3306 I run two containers using these images, linking mysql with tomcat : docker run -itd -p 3306:3306 –name mysql mysql docker run -itd -p 8080:8080 –link mysql:mysql –name tomcat tomcat When I do that, tomcat […]

Running a Docker container with the -p or -P flag causes it to fail

I have recently started moving my simple blog app into a docker container. I created my own dockerfile and built the image successfully and it runs the webapp with no issues however if I add the -P or -p 8080:8080 flags to the run command it fails with error: mathew@mathew-laptop:goblog:-> docker run -it -P chasinglogic/test […]

Docker Toolbox port mapping not working

I have installed docker toolbox on a windows machine, after running a container with the following command, I didn’t see anything listening on my host machine’s specified port (82). docker run -ti -p 82:80 –name=container_alias someprovider/image:some_tag I did attach to this contianer and did a simple check inside the container using: curl localhost:80 it did […]

How to use `docker-machine create` so that the docker engine listens on a custom port?

My service provider does not allow me to connect to docker on port 2376. Is there a flag for docker-machine to set up docker on host to listen on another port but 2376 so that commands like docker-machine ls OR docker-machine env work? Now they fail because after creation of docker on the host the […]

Configuring Couchbase connection ports through their Node.js API [Docker]

I am using an official Couchbase Docker container. Some important ports Couchbase server uses. Those are exposed through the container as random ports on the host. Is there a way to supply those host ports on obtaining a Couchbase server connection? Something akin to how the server is configured preinstall but for the client. I […]

Docker port not overriden

I want to expose a docker container port on a different host port. docker run -d –net=”host” –name=”couchpotato2″ -p 5555:5050 … However, I don’t get the mapping of 5555 -> 5050. Any idea why? CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 114ae1617632 needo/couchpotato “/sbin/my_init” 3 seconds ago Up 2 seconds couchpotato3 Here is the […]

How to open port for docker container?

I have a database on production (real os). And have docker-container with webserver and cgi (running on the same server). And I cant get access to production database from container. How to open port (for example 3306) and make it visible in container? Thank you.

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