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How to get the ip and port of the docker host in a docker container?

When a docker container is starting, its explosed port would be mapped to a port of the docker host. Of cause, I can use the specified mapped port, but, I don’t want to do so. Is there a method to get the ip and port of the docker host in a docker container when it […]

Opening a port from a docker container on AWS to the rest of the world

I’m trying to host a python HTTPS server on Amazon Web Services using Docker. The application “application.py” works well when executed on my local computer on the arbitrary port 8012. The problem is that the required port is not open when I try to run the same application remotely. Here are the configuration files: Dockerfile […]

docker container not available at port 80 like it should

Im using docker registry and the docker frontend is listed as running when I invoke docker ps but it is not available at localhost:80: e2a54694e434 konradkleine/docker-registry-frontend “/bin/sh -c $START_S 26 seconds ago Up 2 seconds 443/tcp,>80/tcp serene_tesla

Docker API port binding is not working

I’m trying to bind a Docker API Port on my local machine. But after restarting the docker port is not open. Editing the Config: “nano /etc/init/docker.conf“ Docker Config After adding this command: DOCKER_OPTS=’-H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock‘ Restarting the service. But port is not open. Please help me, where i’m going wrong ? Thanks!

Connection from Java UI container to couchDB container refuses

I have a question regarding Java and couchDB. My setup: – a Java UI with an interface to the DB – a couchDB inside a container, exposed on localhost:5984. Well. I have realized a connection between both in my local Windows machine, which worked perfectly. Now I packed both in containers, but I have a […]

docker port mapping for consul agent

I just downloaded a the consul 0.6.3 in linux machine and warpped it up in a docker container. In the container i am running the command consul agent -dev It runs perfectly and inside the container if i do $ curl localhost:8500/v1/catalog/nodes the output is [{“Node”:”8f1841ad54bb”,”Address”:”″,”CreateIndex”:3,”ModifyIndex”:4}] which is perfect. Now in the mother machine where […]

docker (running in virtual box) expose port on host machine

I’m running docker in virtual box (docker machine) on a MAC server. I have some running containers that expose certain ports to the host machine, so I can access them via URL of the virtual machine + exposed port. But I’m not able to reach the exposed services from outside the host system, as the […]

port linking from docker container to host

I have the following situation. I have a service that listens to on port 1234 (This cannot be changed for security reasons). On the same machine run a docker container. I need to somehow connect to the service on the host from within the container. Because the service only accepts requests from, i […]

How to forward port on running vagrant box

I have multiple docker containers running in vagrant box exposing various ports, but I forgot to forward these ports in Vagrantfile. Is it possible to forward the necessary ports without rebooting the machine (initializing all those containers would take a long while) and if not, what is the fastest method in that case? Is there […]

How to open a port from a running docker conatiner

I am running a docker container and I am running my image in the container. I need to connect to Jupyter notebook’s web application in a browser. I am able to run the Jupyter notebook in docker but I am unable to run it in the browser. I assume it is because I have not […]

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