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Dockerized PHP Application Architecture Best Practices

I’m pretty new do Docker. I played a lot with Docker in my development environment but I tried to deploy real app only once. I’ve read tons of documentations and watched dozes of videos but still have a lot of questions. I do understand that Docker is just a tool that can be used in […]

How to startup up services on a Docker image?

I’ve created a Dockerfile for a image to run PHP7 on FPM + Nginx, but I can’t get the image to start up the services correctly. How this should be done exactly? Here’s the part where I’m doing it currently: CMD service php7-fpm start; \ service php7-fpm status; \ service nginx start; \ service nginx […]

Why orientDB connection to localhost of docker is refused

I did build orientDB and appserver on docker. They are running as well. This is list containers on docker: core@localhost ~ $ docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 01abef0204a7 fxrialab/appserver:latest /usr/sbin/httpd -D F 30 minute s ago Up 30 minutes>443/tcp,>80/tcp appserver f6d0631bb092 fxrialab/orient:latest /bin/sh -c cd /opt/o 30 minute […]

Env variables in static xml files

I just started to use Docker and I find it’s wonderful. I tried to build a 2 containers environment for Magento, first container for apache and second for mysql. I linked the two containers together and I installed Magento on the apache container, using as DB Host the Mysql container. I obtained the ip of […]

Files changes not reflected in Docker image after rebuild

I’m trying to set up two Docker images for my PHP web application (php-fcm) reversed proxied by NGINX. Ideally I would like all the files of the web application to be copied into the php-fcm based image and exposed as a volume. This way both containers (web and app) can access the files with NGINX […]

Couchbase PHP SDK in Docker Container

I have a Docker container that runs PHP-FPM 5.5 and I’d like to ensure that it has access to the Couchbase SDK. I have this working outside of Docker and can’t really picture how Docker would interfere and yet I seem to be running into a problem that is “probably” docker related: My Docker container […]

Docker – how to set up Apache + PHP in docker-compose.yml

I use this to set up nginx for PHP: nginx: image: nginx:latest ports: – 8080:80 volumes: – ./code:/code – ./site.conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d/site.conf links: – php php: image: php:7-fpm volumes: – ./code:/code But how about Apache? How can I set up Apache + PHP in docker-compose.yml? Following this guide: version: ‘2’ services: php: build: php ports: – “80:80” […]

Setup PhpStorm and Docker for PHP development without PHP on the host

I want to use PhpStorm (in fact IntelliJ with the PHP plugin) to develop my PHP software. I’ve been using a Linux laptop, with PHP 5.5 and the Oracle library. This has been very difficult to setup and I had a few compatibility problems. I now have a MacBook where I need to setup the […]

How to install multiple php versions on a single docker container

I have started using docker recently and were able to setup two containers one is running php7.0 with apache2 and another running mysql both of them are able to talk to each other and everything is working fine, now I want to setup a new docker container which shoudl have nginx, php5.6-fpm and php7.0-fpm installed […]

Docker : phpize cannot find config.m4

I’m using Laradock on Windows 7. I need to install bz2 extension, so I edited the php-fpm Dockerfile-70 as below. Added below code – ARG INSTALL_BZ2=true RUN if [ ${INSTALL_BZ2} = true ]; then \ # Install the bz2 extension pecl install bz2 && \ docker-php-ext-enable bz2 \ ;fi Then when I run docker-compose build […]

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