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Advice needed on how to setup a SAAS service for a php based application

I have worked with a certain php and mysql based crm application for a while as a developer and know it inside out. I have an idea to offer an on-demand saas based hosted version where the client and can purchase a plan based on the number of users. They will simply click a button […]

installing ldap extension Docker

Hey all I am trying to instal ldap extension on a Docker php:5.6-fm images i need ldap for my project. I have tired to install the extension through Dockerfile like so: RUN apt-get install php5-ldap -y get this error: The LDAP PHP extension is not enabled. I have also find some ‘suggestion’ online like so: […]

Docker nginx oci runtime error: could not synchronise with container process: not a directory

Can anyone help me fix this on docker? I am new to docker and I’m currently exploring docker-compose. Below are my docker-compose.yml file and the error I get when I run docker-compose up. Thanks in advance! 🙂 docker-compose.yml version: ‘2’ services: php: container_name: php_server image: php:7-fpm volumes: – ./web:/code nginx: container_name: nginx_server image: nginx:latest volumes: […]

nginx + PHP-FPM: Doing away with fastcgi params

I’m doing a little experiment, a hypothesis if you will. The main idea is simple: three Docker containers, one is simply a data container with an index.php in it at /app/web/ that simply outputs phpinfo(); This works fine. I have an nginx container that also is working fine, and a separate PHP-FPM container. Both are […]

How to separate ffmpeg and php container in docker

In my project, after upload video to web server I have to convert .avi to .webm. As I have read from many tutorials I can do it with exec() but my project is using docker. Can I separate ffmpeg and php container or I have to install ffmpeg inside php container?

Sendmail in DOCKERized PHP-Application doesn't work

When trying to send an email with PHP function sendmailoversmtp($name, $mail, $message, $topic) It does not work. The following error is logged: sh: 1: -t: not found -t -i is configured as sendmail_path in my php.ini. Why is it not found? My Dockerfile is based on FROM php:7.0-apache

How do I integrate my git PHP repo into an official Docker Hub container?

In the official Docker Hub PHP 5.6 / Apache Dockerfile, Apache is pointed by default at /var/www/html. The Dockerfile does a lot of directory setup using this directory as the assumed docroot. Most instructions on deploying PHP applications in a Docker container include an instruction like this for the dockerfile: ADD src/ /var/www/html/ This is […]

nginx+php-fpm docker-compose not work

I can’t to configure nginx + php-fpm use docker-compose . my docker-compose.yml nginx: build: nginx/. ports: – “80:80” links: – php-fpm volumes: – ./code:/var/www/html – ./nginx/nginx:/etc/nginx – ./nginx/logs:/var/log/nginx php-fpm: build: php-fpm/. volumes: – ./code:/var/www/html nginx dockerfile FROM nginx EXPOSE 80 php-fpm dockerfile FROM php:7.0-fpm EXPOSE 9000 Browser shows me 502 Bad Gateway nginx error.log give […]

Commands in Dockerfile don't seem to be running

So i’m extremely new to docker, and I am having trouble setting up my docker environment. My Dockerfile looks like so FROM php:7.0-apache # Enable mod_rewrite RUN a2enmod rewrite RUN /usr/bin/apt-get update && \ apt-get -y install git php5-dev libpcre3-dev gcc make graphicsmagick libgraphicsmagick1-dev && \ /usr/bin/git clone git://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon.git && \ cd cphalcon/build/ && \ […]

Docker Service Separation

I am not sure how to separate the services on my server properly with docker. I have an application written in NodeJS and two applications written in PHP. I use NGINX as a webserver/reverse-proxy and MySQL as my database. I am not quite sure which docker container should handle which task and where to store […]

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