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create web app with php and docker

I have the following DOCKERFILE: FROM php RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y git RUN git clone https://github.com/marcosh/webinthemiddle.git EXPOSE 80 CMD php -S localhost:80 webinthemiddle/index.php that I would like to use to create a very basic app with php. I build the image using sudo docker build -t marcosh/webinthemiddle . and then I tried […]

Remote debugging path mapping

I want to be able to use debugger inside docker container and i managed to map entry point of laravel‘s /public/index.php to path on nginx server inside container, breakpoint in index.php is being hit, but breakpoint in default route “/” in app/http/routes.php is not, although route’s code is being executed. It’s laravel 5.1 default folder […]

Exception occuring when updating database schema in symfony

I am pretty new to Symfony and Doctrine and as such have been playing around with a branch of some code which I will need to be working on commercially in the near future. To cut a long story short I am at the stage now where I have amended an existing entity in order […]

Docker compose wordpress plugins

This is my docker-compose.yml so far: wordpress: image: wordpress links: – db:mysql ports: – 8080:80 net: “bridge” dns: – – db: image: mysql environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: biersaufen Is there a way to directly install wordpress plugins? (Directly means that i can install it via the docker-compose.yml)

Dockerfile for PHP service

I need to create a Dockerfile for my php service. I just tried many options found in web, and none work correctly. I have simple PHP project in /home/karol/docker-file/service/start.php. Really important for me. Thanks in advance. Currently looking like this: FROM php:5.6-apache COPY ./ /var/www/html/ WORKDIR /usr/src/service CMD [ “php”, “./requestdispatcher.php” ]

Running package manager inside the docker

I’ve built an image for the purpose of PHP development, and it became clear to me that I didn’t really thought about how to access the tools that I need for every day development. For example: composer, package manager for PHP, I need it to run whenever composer.json updates. I thought it is worth installing […]

Detecting Virtualbox from Docker

My application using Docker should run slightly different in Ubuntu directly and in Windows + VirtualBox (without Vagrant). Is it possible to detect if I’m in Ubuntu > Docker > Ubuntu or in Windows > VirtualBox > Ubuntu > Docker > Ubuntu? Why do I need this? I have PHP Symfony application and dev environment […]

Docker: docker-compose.yml file of nginx+mariadb+php+redis

I want to write a docker-compose.yml of nginx+mariadb+php+redis, I read the documentation about compose-file,url: https://docs.docker.com/compose/compose-file/#versioning format is like this: version: ‘2’ services: web: build: . ports: – “5000:5000” volumes: – .:/code networks: – front-tier – back-tier redis: image: redis volumes: – redis-data:/var/lib/redis networks: – back-tier volumes: redis-data: driver: local networks: front-tier: driver: bridge back-tier: driver: […]

Docker compose apache not working

I’m trying to run a container using docker compose. I already did it using normal docker commands and it works, but when I do the same using docker compose it did not work as expected. I compile the image using docker compose build command: docker-compose build php and use that image for both docker and […]

Php application started working slowly with docker

I am sure it is too general question. But still hope to get some helpful advice. So I use vagrant to run our php application, we use postgres, rabbitmq and memcached. I set up docker environment. Here’s my docker-compose.yml web: build: app ports: – “80:80” volumes: – /Users/ihorsamusenko/my/project:/var/www/app links: – db – rabbit – memcached […]

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