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Accessing resource over HTTPS in wordpress running on docker

I might have missed something really obvious here but I’ll ask here and see if any of you can point me in the right direction. I have an api (that I built) that serves our site with data. The website we have is built on wordpress. All applications and data is running on Docker and […]

DOCKER | docker-compose create and deploy image to docker.com

its been days i am trying to wrap my head around docker. still there are grey areas, which i have tried to search the whole google but could not found a good detailed answer. Scenario is. im trying to setup a docker for existing laravel application. i do use laradock from github. (its like homestead […]

Docker container for Laravel: PHP 7.x on CentOS 7.x

My application is based on Laravel framework, and I need to build a Docker container with these specifications: CentOS/RHEL 7.x PHP 7.x PHP extensions: OpenSSL PDO Mbstring Tokenizer XML But the problems are: The official PHP image on the DockerHub is based on Ubuntu, but I rather have PHP on RHEL/CentOS instead of Ubuntu. The […]

Having trouble automating docker containers with laravel

I’m trying to automate how i run my docker containers with laravel but i can’t seem to find any good solutions. I’ve tried laradocker and this one [Laravel docker containers]: https://github.com/idrislab/laravel-docker-containers For example to create a container i have to do this namespace App\Containers; use luisgros\docker\containers\Container; class MySQLGroupReplication extends Container { /** * @var string […]

Cannot delete file from docker instance

I have trouble in my docker configuration. Everything works, but, when I try to manipulate (remove for example) a file on my windows host, I have a error message : File is open in VBoxHeadless.exe. I use this : https://github.com/niklongstone/docker-nginx–php7-fpm. A base of docker-compose with Nginx and Php7-fpm (for Symfony3 project). Also, I have configuration […]

How to log PHP errors in an AWS Elastic Beanstalk Docker container

I have a PHP Docker container that I am deploying to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I am relatively new to Docker and EB, so still learning. I am trying to log php errors to /var/log/php_error.log preferably. In php.ini I have set log_errors = On error_log = /var/log/php_error.log Then I load a page with error_log(“Hi”) inside it, […]

Connecting from php to mysql in Docker

I am starting with docker and have some problems to make the right config. The Framework need a script to make the backend working. This needs a sql connection. I found a way to make phpmyadmin working, but the script can’t connect the mysql database. If someone with more Docker comprehension can give me a […]

docker php mongodb passing links to mongodb connection

I am trying to connect to mongodb from PHP 7. I have nginx container, php-fpm container and mongodb container. I installed mongodb driver using pecl and it is showing up in phpinfo(), mongodb ver. 1.2.3. Additionally I installed mongodb/mongodb using composer. I linked my containers to mongodb (eg –link mongodb_container:mongodb) Now when i am trying […]

Docker image container – where can I store my files?

I have created a docker image container which is running on a virtual machine (with docker toolbox). My Problem is now that I don’t know in which windows path I can store my files for the development? Also I’m not sure how I can open this image container in the browser (docker-machine ip)?

Serve dockerized ZendFramework2 Application with nginx

I want to Dockerize a ZendFramework2 Application with Nginx, Mysql, and PHP7. When I run docker-compose up all containers are built. But When I want to access localhost:8080 I get the nginx default page although the default.conf was replaced by my site.conf. A restart of the nginx container hasn’t changed anything. Because this is my […]

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