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mariadb docker container on OS X: can't create database directory

I’ve trouble with mariadb on OSX, I did same on CentOS and it works fine. So it must be OSX issue: mariadb: image: mariadb:latest container_name: mariadb ports: – “3306:3306” restart: always environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: XXXXXXXX volumes: – /Users/sandro/Code/mysql:/var/lib/mysql logs contain following error: mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/var/lib/mysql//mysql’: Permission denied Fatal error Can’t create database directory ‘/var/lib/mysql//mysql’ […]

How to change Docker daemon's arguments in OSX

I need to modify the docker daemon’a arguments in OSX. I got an error when pull a private repository without certificate. 2014/11/11 13:40:02 Error: Invalid registry endpoint https://registry.af-sys.com/v1/: Get https://registry.af-sys.com/v1/_ping: dial tcp i/o timeout. If this private registry supports only HTTP or HTTPS with an unknown CA certificate, please add –insecure-registry registry.af-sys.com to the […]

Failing Dockerized Kafka on MacOS

I’m trying (and failing) to run a dockerized kafka on my mac machine (MacOS Sierra (10.12.2)). I have Docker for Mac version 17.03.1-ce, build c6d412e. These are the images I’m using. https://hub.docker.com/r/confluentinc/cp-zookeeper/ https://hub.docker.com/r/confluentinc/cp-kafka/ And I’m following the advice in the official quickstart guide, running Zookeeper and Kafka with the following commands. docker run -d \ […]

Communication between two Docker containers on macOS 10.12

I’m working with Docker 1.12.5 on macOS 10.12, and am setting up a development environment with with I have an application image, and a shared redis image which has some pre-populated configuration variables. Even after following a few tutorials (and reading about how docker0 isn’t available on Mac) I’m struggling to connect the two containers. […]

Docker is filling up my disk space

I did a course of Docker to carry it out and I am trying to migrate my first application. In daily use, I find it hard to track my disk available space. I noticed that every time I run an image and delete, it not return to the original amount of space available. The cycle […]

Using dockerfile ADD and COPY commands on Mac OS X

Is it possible to use the ADD and COPY commands in a Dockerfile on Mac OS X using boot2docker? If so, how? The naive just gives No such file or directory. So, I’ve tried two things: having the file in my local directory (same directory as the Dockerfile) on my Mac. scping the file into […]

Using docker/docker-machine in multiple Terminal tabs on OSX

I had docker wokring in one tab but started using it for something else. I opened a new tab and tried to run docker build but got this error: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host? Running docker-machine env default gave this error: Error checking TLS connection: Host […]

Docker container – how to configure so it gets a viable IP address when running in vagrant?

Docker (www.docker.io) looks terrific. However, after installing VirtualBox, Vagrant … and finally Docker on a Mac, I’m finding it’s not possible to access the service running in the Docker container from another computer (or from a terminal session on the Mac). The service I’m trying to access is Redis. The problem appears to be that […]

Accessing docker container IP from a different physical machine

I have a server hosted listening on port 8080 on a docker container running on a boot2docker host in my MAC running Yosemite. If I try to curl the boot2docker IP on port (say 8080) from my machine, I am able to hit the server running in docker container and get the response back. What […]

Port forwarding issues trying to run a docker container

I am new to docker and nowhere near a networking expert, but I am seeing some strangeness when trying to run a docker container instance (right word?). I am running docker on OSX and set it up using the documentation found here: http://viget.com/extend/how-to-use-docker-on-os-x-the-missing-guide Everything seems to have gone along fine, then I set up the […]

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