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Docker on mac: How to auto restart daemon processes after a machine reboot?

How does one auto-restart a docker-compose process after the machine reboots? For non-docker processes, I use supervisord on Ubuntu. Is there an equivalent on mac for docker-compose? What about on Ubuntu?

error during connect: … http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client on any docker command with remote host

I’m trying to connect to remote docker host through ssh tunnel. I have forwarded the 2375 port and I’m trying to connect to it by specifying DOCKER_HOST. $ DOCKER_API_VERSION=1.24 DOCKER_HOST=localhost:2375 docker ps error during connect: Get https://localhost:2375/v1.24/containers/json: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client This have worked before, but I can’t make it work […]

Can't access docker container on port 80 on OSX

In my current job we have development environment made with docker-compose. One container is nginx, which provide routing to other containers. Everything seems fine and work to my colleague on windows and osx. But on my system (osx El Capitan), there is problem with accessing nginx container on port 80. There is setup of container […]

Docker OSX port mapping error when run: exec

If i run a container (tried both ubuntu and debian) it works fine in the background, but when i try to do docker run name -p 80:8080 i get the following error: docker: Error response from daemon: invalid header field value “oci runtime error: container_linux.go:247: starting container process caused \”exec: \\”-p\\”: executable file not found […]

Docker for Mac tutorial- overlapping export paths

I’m following along with Docker’s “Getting Started” tutorial, and in the “File Sharing” section there are instructions for sharing files into a new container. In the “Preferences > File Sharing” tab, I clicked “/Users” and then clicked the “+” button, then selected a directory that I wanted to add to my container and clicked “Open”, […]

How does docker run on osx, does it use vagrant?

I use an older model MB Air and running vagrant is very resource intensive for me. When using docker on OSX, does it just use vagrant behind the scenes to run my docker instance on ubuntu?

hostname in docker-compose.yml fails to be recognized on on mac (but works on linux)

I am using the docker-compose ‘recipe’ below to bring up a container that runs a component of the storm stream processing framework. I am finding that on Mac’s when i enter the container (once it is up and running via docker exec -t -i <container-id> bash) and I do ping storm-supervisor I get the error […]

How can I start a Docker container on boot in OS X?

How can I configure a Docker container to (reliably) start on boot in OS X Yosemite? I’ve tried various approaches using LaunchAgents, Kitematic, .bash_profile, etc. but haven’t come up with a bulletproof way of ensuring that the following commands run without issue (VirtualBox crashes, race conditions, path/environment issues, etc.): /path/to/docker-machine start default eval “$(/path/to/docker-machine env […]

Why doesn't Docker Toolbox work on Mac 10.10.5?

Mac 10.10.5 here. Went to the Docker Toolbox download page and downloaded the Mac binary. Ran it, and made it through to the end of the installer: Opened VirtualBox and confirmed default is running: Back in the installer, I selected “Docker Quickstart Tutorial” which launched a terminal: But none of the typical Docker commands (docker […]

SQL Server on Mac with Docker : Login failed for user 'sa'.

I’m trying to work with SQL Server on my Mac with Docker. I have already installed the image and I’m running the SQL Server. When I run the above code and check the running containers using ‘docker ps’ the container is always stopped. Therefore I ran the following command to start the container with the […]

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