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Cannot invoke gdb on docker images (on OSX)

I have a docker container running an application that crashes. I try to run it under gdb, but it refuses to attach due to permissions, even as root. I read about apparmor, but all the guides and files I have to edit are on Linux, and I found no such files on OSX. Is it […]

How to set new folders inherit folder permission in Docker volume on Mac

I am using Docker-machine on Mac for a PHP application. My code is shored in mac, and shared to docker-machine as volume. This is my docker-compose.yml app: build: . volumes: – .:/var/www/html My PHP application will create a folder in the shared volume and write some files in it. The shared volume is set to […]

docker for mac failed to start

My docker for mac (1.12) setup has been working for a while now. All of a sudden, the daemon is not starting anymore – I think it happened after the Mac went to sleep and came out again – not sure. Restarting the mac didn’t solve the problem either. The whale icon at the top […]

Docker on Mac: how to test for listen port in container

I recently installed Docker native on Mac, switching over from docker-machine. I have a container with Zookeeper, which opens a port on 2181. This process can take some 10-15 seconds however. Previously with docker-machine I used to check whether Zookeeper had started listening on the port using netcat: nc -z 2181 Netcat returns non-zero […]

Can i use Docker for creating exe using pyinstaller

I am supposed to create an executable for windows, mac and linux. However, I don’t have a windows machine for time being and also I don’t have a mac at all. I do have a Linux machine but I don’t want to change the partition or even create a dual boot with windows. I have […]

Mount 'pwd' in swarm service using Docker for Mac

I have followed this guide to set up a swarm cluster in Docker for Mac: https://medium.com/@alexeiled/docker-swarm-cluster-with-docker-in-docker-on-macos-bdbb97d6bb07#.2x5gqgrkq All seems to work correctly and I am able to see the cluster. $ docker node ls ID HOSTNAME STATUS AVAILABILITY MANAGER STATUS 3ez478atbfrcwb66u892ccbpx worker-2 Ready Active 7qfb87e9n54q3at9enzgeeko1 worker-3 Ready Active cnr8tyaf1qqgkpjqnn4wmnb1e * moby Ready Active Leader eyksqiw6ewfks7t8fr48rppia worker-1 […]

Connecting to a Docker Container from Windows 10 VirtualBox virtual machine

How do I connect to a docker container running on a mac to a virtual box virtual machine running Windows 10? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Nathan

From Docker container on Remote (Ubuntu 16) server run Jupyter Notebook on Local (OSx)

From my local OSx machine I SSH onto my remote (Ubuntu 16) machine like so: ssh -X local_machine@remote_address -p remote_port -v Then, I spin up my docker container like so: nvidia-docker run -it -p 8889:8889 user/docker_container Once I’m in my container, I open up a Jupyter notebook like so: jupyter notebook –no-browser –port=8889. Everything looks […]

What does the Docker for Mac status “Running” mean?

When I double click on the Docker for Mac icon in the menu bar, I see an icon appearing: I have 2 questions: 1) How can I get the same effect through the command line ? -> as of today, the command line just gives me the docker commands Mac:bin romain$ docker Usage: docker [OPTIONS] […]

Running composer update with docksal returns lack of memory

When I run composer update in Docksal bash (or fin run composer update) I’m faced with: The following exception is caused by a lack of memory and not having swap configured Check https://getcomposer.org/doc/articles/troubleshooting.md#proc-open-fork-failed-errors for details How do I make composer work?

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