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Expose a docker port on Mac Osx to other computer

I would like to open a docker port running on a mac Osx to other computer on the same network. I’ve found some work around but only with boot2docker not toolbox. And not the simple -p or -P. I would like to access to the docker port running on a MacOsx from an other computer […]

Docker GUI with Mac how to

I am recently starting with docker and I am facing a problem in setting-up an existing docker-desktop image and showing is t on my screen. This will be the first step to then personalize the whole image: I followed instruction from several sites but the easiest one is the following: dockerfile/ubuntu-desktop No problem in downloading […]

Run nginx in docker with custom vhost

I want to run basic nginx container on OSX with docker machine. I run the following code: docker pull nginx docker run -d -i -t \ -p 8080:80 \ -v $(pwd)/vhost.conf:/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/vhost.conf \ -v $(pwd)/docker.dev:/var/www/docker.dev nginx In current directory I have vhost.conf file: server { listen 80; index index.html; server_name docker.dev; error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log; access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log root […]

Docker Rails Server Refusing Connections

I have Rail-Api Server that I setup with my Dockerfile and I’m trying to access it from the host but I a getting Connection refused after starting the rails server and curling the Docker container. curl curl Docker Container : Ports iptables -L on ‘docker-machine ssh default’ Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt […]

Docker osx mounted folder is empty

I tried to mount folder of my project from /var/www to the same folder in container but folder in container is empty. Problem is maybe with host folder permissions because if i try that with some other folder it works. This works: docker run -it -v ~/Downloads:/var/www debian:jessie /bin/bash This doesn’t work: docker run -it […]

Can I access the host (OS X) filesystem from the boot2docker VM?

For the sake of the question, lets assume I have the boot2docker VM and I have installed Python (with pip and easysetup), Cloud Foundry and ICE installed. I am now required to either create or edit a Docker image with artifacts that reside on my host machine, OS X 10.10.3. How can I point to […]

Is there a way to stop a command in a docker container

I have a docker container that is running a command. In the Dockerfile the last line is CMD [“python”, “myprogram.py”] . This runs a flask server. There are scenarios when I update myprogram.py and need to kill the command, transfer the updated myprogram.py file to the container, and execute python myprogram.py again. I imagine this […]

SSH Setup on Docker Container

I have installed the ssh-server using sudo apt-get install openssh-server on my ubuntu:latest Docker container running on Mac OSX Yosemite. I got the IP address of the container using boot2docker ip. Using the Network Utility I can verify that port 22 is open on that IP. However, I cannot ssh into that container’s filesystem. I […]

Can't expose web server using docker on OSX

I have a docker image that runs a webserver and I would like to access it from my local OSX, but I’m having issues. I start the container with: docker run -p 8000:8000 <container-name> and I can see log messages telling me that the local server is listening on localhost:8000 I am able to get […]

Docker on mac: How to auto restart daemon processes after a machine reboot?

How does one auto-restart a docker-compose process after the machine reboots? For non-docker processes, I use supervisord on Ubuntu. Is there an equivalent on mac for docker-compose? What about on Ubuntu?

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