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Docker for mac does not pull any image

I have a problem with docker on my mac, maybe someone can help me with this. My docker was working fine, but after try to download the image jhipster/jhipster-registry:v2.3.0 docker never pull any image again, always when I try to do a pull of any image (ex. docker pull mongo), Console show me the next […]

Accessing host's host:port from Docker container in OSX

This question may be similar to other questions already answered, but I could not find any that is specific to OSX. I’m new to Docker. I’m using Docker Version 1.12.1-beta25 (build: 11807) native support for OSX. I wanted to install a Docker Bamboo remote agent, following the instructions at https://confluence.atlassian.com/bamboo/getting-started-with-docker-and-bamboo-687213473.html. My Bamboo server is running […]

docker-compose can't find services or containers in Docker for Mac

I have a docker-compose set up that starts a Rails web application and a PostgreSQL DB container. Both services start, but I need to run db:seed and db:migrate in the web application container (service = “web”). I try to do this with: docker-compose exec web rails db:seed But it tells me: ERROR: No container found […]

How can share Docker Volume UID with my host macOSx

I have a issue with the users Docker Volume UIDs. I take the following steps: Create the Docker Mount the volume The server doesn’t work correctly because inside the Docker volume the files owner is root. Then I check my user uid in macOSx and the uid is 501(u) and 20(g). Inside Docker, the files […]

docker + haproxy on mac 10.11.5 doesn't work

I am running an haproxy configuration on mac that works perfect on linux but I can’t get the proxy to even respond. Here is my config: defaults mode http timeout connect 5000ms timeout client 5000ms timeout server 5000ms frontend http bind *:80 acl oracle_content hdr(ContentType) -i application/vnd.api+json acl oracle_accept hdr(Accept) -i application/vnd.api+json use_backend oracle_be if […]

Pitfalls of Docker Running Alongside MAMP

I am using MAMP to do local development of several sites and have a working familiarity with it. I now have a need to be able to run Docker as well. I have successfully installed Docker on my Mac, but can’t seem to find information about running it and MAMP on the same Mac. With […]

configuring docker in mac

I want to configure docker(which is running on mac) with DOCKER_OPTS variable pointing to my server ip addresses . In linux we can configure the docker file present in /etc/default. How can we achieve the same thing in mac?

MySQL 2002 Connection Refused – OSX/MySQL/Docker

I attempted this answer on How to allow remote connection to mysql, but I am still getting the following error: PDOException in Connector.php line 55: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused Note: the above is while using “” as the DB_HOST, when using “localhost” instead, the error is: PDOException in Connector.php line 55: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such […]

Loading Docker container in PyCharm

I started taking the Udacity Deep Learning course and I came across the first assignment. They have provided a bunch of IPython notebooks and a docker file. Here is the link. How do I load this in PyCharm? I have downloaded and installed Docker for Mac and I have installed the Docker Integration plugin for […]

Breakpoints skipped when remote debugging with eclipse PDT and Docker container (docker for mac)

After quite a bit of effort I have almost got eclipse PDT and remote debugging with a docker container sing docker for mac (no docker machine). However, although the xdebug log says it has connected to the client it fails to hit any breakpoints. I’m using eboraas/apache-php as a base, then installing xdebug with he […]

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