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Docker for Mac and VMWare Fusion

So I have Docker for Mac installed and I would like to use VMWare Fusion rather than VirtualBox. Doing a search, I came across https://docs.docker.com/machine/drivers/vm-fusion/ using docker-machine. Not sure if that’s what I’m looking for but when the Docker app starts I can see that the VMWare Fusion machine is suspended. Is there additional setup […]

Docker pull gives error unkown blob for microsoft/windowsservercore

I’ve mac OS as my host operating system and trying to pull an windows image microsoft/windowsservercore . While downloading it gives unknown blob error. Docker version is 17.03.0-ce and shows OS/arch as linux/amd64. Would it be helpful if I change the OS/arch similar to the below: https://i1.wp.com/blog.docker.com/wp-content/uploads/docker-for-windows-switch.gif?zoom=1.25&w=1140&ssl=1/ If so, could some one help me on […]

How to easily install and uninstall docker on MacOs

My question is How to easily install docker to have it available in terminal and how to uninstall docker on osx?

How can I map a shared folder from my container on Mac?

I have a folder insider a Docker container that is shared through Samba. I can map this folder on Windows without problem running something like: net use z: \\vm_ip\folder In the case above, z: is the drive that I created with the content from the shared folder. How could I map that same folder on […]

Can I use docker to run MSBuild on OSX?

At work we have a large JS(FrontEnd)/.NET(BackEnd) project. I want to have an option to work on the project on a Mac at home. Can I use docker for working both on PC and on Mac for the same project? I have been told, that the current system doesn’t work well with the classic .NET, […]

macOS, Dockerfile mounting a folder cannot change locale

I’m trying to mount a folder with my docker file instead of copying it on build. We use git for development and I don’t want to rebuild the image everytime I make a change for testing. my docker file is now as such #set base image FROM centos:centos7.2.1511 MAINTAINER Alex <alex@app.com> #install yum dependencies RUN […]

sbt-native-packager for Docker on Mac OS X

Hey everyone I am having a problem using the native packager to create a docker image of a Scalatra web app. The relevant part of my build.sbt file is here: enablePlugins(JettyPlugin) enablePlugins(JavaAppPackaging) enablePlugins(DockerPlugin) // for Docker, the “.” location where it is looking for files is in target/docker/stage. For the COPY command to work, // […]

Error when run clickhouse docker image on mac os

I had exception when I installed yandex clickhouse from docker image. docker run -it –rm –link some-clickhouse-server:clickhouse-server yandex/clickhouse-client –host clickhouse-server docker logs 54aa87e92a2c Include not found: clickhouse_remote_servers Include not found: clickhouse_compression POCO ERROR: Exception: Could not determine local time zone: boost::filesystem::canonical: No such file or directory: “/usr/share/zoneinfo/” terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘Poco::Exception’ […]

How to run Kafka with Docker on OS X?

I tried to run Kafka without Docker a few days ago, again, I failed. It’s very hard to setup. So, I decided to use Docker, then I failed again. What could be the problem? I ran these commands: git clone https://github.com/confluentinc/cp-docker-images cd cp-docker-images/examples/kafka-single-node docker-compose up Btw, this is my: Docker version: 17.03.1-ce Docker compose version: […]

Manually sharing directory as docker volume mounting point on OSX

According to this tutorial from docker website, When you start a container it automatically shares your /Users/username. My current problem : But in my school my $HOME isn’t in /Users, and when I try to directly mount volumes on my container with something like docker run -d -P -v $HOME/site:/usr/share/nginx/html –name mysite nginx (like the […]

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