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docker-machine:Error with pre-create check: “exit status 126”

When I’m type the code sudo docker-machine create –driver virtualbox default to create a new virtual machine. It can not worked. Here is the info: xxxMacBook-Pro:~ xxx$ docker –version Docker version 1.12.0, build 8eab29e xxxMacBook-Pro:~ xxx$ docker-machine –version docker-machine version 0.8.0, build b85aac1 xxxMacBook-Pro:~ xxx$ sudo docker-machine create –driver virtualbox default Running pre-create checks… Error […]

Mysql docker container block while it's importing data (OSX)

I’m working with two containers: server (php+apache) and mysql (image). I’m using the latest docker version and OSX El Capitan. This is my docker-compose.yml: server: build: docker/images/server ports: – “80:80” – “443:443” volumes: – .:/var/www/html links: – mysql tty: true mysql: image: mysql environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root MYSQL_USER: user MYSQL_DATABASE: test volumes: – “./.data/db:/var/lib/mysql” When I’m […]

I'm having trouble using docker-py in a development environment on OSX

I am creating Python code that will be built into a docker image. My intent is that the docker image will have the capability of running other docker images on the host. Let’s call these docker containers “daemon” and “workers,” respectively. I’ve proven that this concept works by running “daemon” using -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock I’d like […]

I installed a docker on osx, now bundler is horrifically slow

I installed docker, docker-machine and a vm a few days ago (running osx). Now when I’m working in a standard ruby on rails project with a Gemfile, bundler runs HORRIFICALLY SLOW. For instance, before all these installations, when I had all the Gems installed locally in my Gemfile and I ran the command, bundle install. […]

Intranet name resolution in docker container

I use docker beta (version 1.12.0-rc3-beta18 build: 9996) on OS X (10.11.5) for learning docker. I installed jetbrains/teamcity-server as docker container and two agents (on the same OSX machine and on Win 10 client). The Git repositories are on own local server (TFS 2015 Update 2). If use the git-Address with the IP-Address, all works […]

How to resolve docker connectivity after reboot on Mac

I rebooted my Mac for the first time in a while. Afterwards, docker was unusable because of an error about certificates: “x509: certificate is valid for, not”.

Hyperledger on mac using Docker images cannot find Docker daemon?

I am following this article : https://developer.ibm.com/opentech/2016/06/27/running-hyperledger-fabric-natively-on-mac/ then I got this error : 15:32:16.165 [dockercontroller] deployImage -> ERRO 052 Error building images: cannot connect to Docker endpoint It seems that the Docker daemon is not accessible from the running container. The config points to CORE_VM_ENDPOINT= I have a Mac using “Docker Beta” Any idea ?

Pushing a tag to private docker registry in artifactory fails from mac

So, we have permissions setup on who can push to the docker registry in artifactory. Now, I created a dockercfg file in $HOME/.dockercfg on my mac and added the username and passing using the curl command: curl -uaaaaa:bbbbbbb “https://docker.io/v2/auth” >> $HOME/.dockercfg After that when I try to push an image to docker registry, it fails […]

Docker for Mac cannot access containers outside of host

I am using docker-compose to build and run our application locally. This all works fine but I cannot access the apache container from outside of the host. It will eventually timeout with “server stopped responding”. The docker documentation is terrible and despite my best efforts “docker for mac” is just too generic for Google to […]

Docker Mac Beta and container connecting to host ports?

I currently use PyCharm (Actually IntelliJ) and have been using Kitematic with VirtualBox support. I have a container connecting to the host (which is a virtual machine) to do remote debugging. The issue is when I try to use Docker Mac Beta, the container doesn’t seem to be able to access any specific ports on […]

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