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How do I debug a network — probably Hyperkit caused issue — of a Docker setup on a Mac?

Problem: Network is not routed to the host machine. e.g.: docker run -tip 80:8080 httpd does NOT result in apache responding on localhost:8080 on the host machine or on docker.local:8080 or anything like that. If I try to connect from inside, the container works fine: docker run -ti debian curl <html><body><h1>It works!</h1></body></html> It seems […]

Missing js/css files in frontend of contao cms

i was making a local copy of a working live instance of a contao website (contao version 3.4.0). i copied web folder and made a dump of database. the site works on local in general but several files (e.g. slider js/css) are missing with following error in console: “Failed to load resource: the server responded […]

How to downgrade Docker on Mac to 1.12.x or connect to 1.12 hosts from 1.13 in Mac?

I recently upgraded my Docker on Mac to last 1.13 version. Fail. I can’t now execute docker commands to my docker hosts running on OpenSUSE Linux or Fedora Atomic. They only support 1.12 (I get an error stating “different client versions”) How can I make my Mac support 1.12 version docker hosts or, if that’s […]

Mounting host volume for mongo data in docker compose container

I’d like to run mongo in a docker container, alongside some others I’m using via docker-compose. I thought mounting the volume like so would allow for it to persist data outside the container: db: image: mongo command: -smallfiles -nojournal volumes: – ./mongo_data:/data It seems to create some directories, but there’s no files on the host […]

Docker default CPU architecture doesn't match host's

When I create a Docker image using the following Dockerfile, I get a Docker image that, upon Docker inspect, yields “Architecture”: “amd64”. The host is a macbook pro with an i7 processor running OS X (El Capitan) 10.11.2: xnu-3248.20.55~2/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64. My Docker version is 17.03.1-ce-mac5 (16048) I don’t understand why the Docker image architecture is […]

OSX Docker/WordPress/MySQL — Connection Error: (1130) Host 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server

This question is different than other similar questions because it involves running in a Docker container on OS X , which has previously been running fine for a week, and is now failing. Following the instructions here: https://medium.com/@tatemz/local-wordpress-development-with-docker-3-easy-steps-a7c375366b9 I was able to get a local WordPress install up and running very quickly and it’s been […]

Docker for Mac and VMWare Fusion

So I have Docker for Mac installed and I would like to use VMWare Fusion rather than VirtualBox. Doing a search, I came across https://docs.docker.com/machine/drivers/vm-fusion/ using docker-machine. Not sure if that’s what I’m looking for but when the Docker app starts I can see that the VMWare Fusion machine is suspended. Is there additional setup […]

Docker pull gives error unkown blob for microsoft/windowsservercore

I’ve mac OS as my host operating system and trying to pull an windows image microsoft/windowsservercore . While downloading it gives unknown blob error. Docker version is 17.03.0-ce and shows OS/arch as linux/amd64. Would it be helpful if I change the OS/arch similar to the below: https://i1.wp.com/blog.docker.com/wp-content/uploads/docker-for-windows-switch.gif?zoom=1.25&w=1140&ssl=1/ If so, could some one help me on […]

How to easily install and uninstall docker on MacOs

My question is How to easily install docker to have it available in terminal and how to uninstall docker on osx?

How can I map a shared folder from my container on Mac?

I have a folder insider a Docker container that is shared through Samba. I can map this folder on Windows without problem running something like: net use z: \\vm_ip\folder In the case above, z: is the drive that I created with the content from the shared folder. How could I map that same folder on […]

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