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configuring docker in mac

I want to configure docker(which is running on mac) with DOCKER_OPTS variable pointing to my server ip addresses . In linux we can configure the docker file present in /etc/default. How can we achieve the same thing in mac?

MySQL 2002 Connection Refused – OSX/MySQL/Docker

I attempted this answer on How to allow remote connection to mysql, but I am still getting the following error: PDOException in Connector.php line 55: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused Note: the above is while using “” as the DB_HOST, when using “localhost” instead, the error is: PDOException in Connector.php line 55: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such […]

Loading Docker container in PyCharm

I started taking the Udacity Deep Learning course and I came across the first assignment. They have provided a bunch of IPython notebooks and a docker file. Here is the link. How do I load this in PyCharm? I have downloaded and installed Docker for Mac and I have installed the Docker Integration plugin for […]

Breakpoints skipped when remote debugging with eclipse PDT and Docker container (docker for mac)

After quite a bit of effort I have almost got eclipse PDT and remote debugging with a docker container sing docker for mac (no docker machine). However, although the xdebug log says it has connected to the client it fails to hit any breakpoints. I’m using eboraas/apache-php as a base, then installing xdebug with he […]

Cannot invoke gdb on docker images (on OSX)

I have a docker container running an application that crashes. I try to run it under gdb, but it refuses to attach due to permissions, even as root. I read about apparmor, but all the guides and files I have to edit are on Linux, and I found no such files on OSX. Is it […]

How to set new folders inherit folder permission in Docker volume on Mac

I am using Docker-machine on Mac for a PHP application. My code is shored in mac, and shared to docker-machine as volume. This is my docker-compose.yml app: build: . volumes: – .:/var/www/html My PHP application will create a folder in the shared volume and write some files in it. The shared volume is set to […]

docker for mac failed to start

My docker for mac (1.12) setup has been working for a while now. All of a sudden, the daemon is not starting anymore – I think it happened after the Mac went to sleep and came out again – not sure. Restarting the mac didn’t solve the problem either. The whale icon at the top […]

Docker on Mac: how to test for listen port in container

I recently installed Docker native on Mac, switching over from docker-machine. I have a container with Zookeeper, which opens a port on 2181. This process can take some 10-15 seconds however. Previously with docker-machine I used to check whether Zookeeper had started listening on the port using netcat: nc -z 2181 Netcat returns non-zero […]

Can i use Docker for creating exe using pyinstaller

I am supposed to create an executable for windows, mac and linux. However, I don’t have a windows machine for time being and also I don’t have a mac at all. I do have a Linux machine but I don’t want to change the partition or even create a dual boot with windows. I have […]

Mount 'pwd' in swarm service using Docker for Mac

I have followed this guide to set up a swarm cluster in Docker for Mac: https://medium.com/@alexeiled/docker-swarm-cluster-with-docker-in-docker-on-macos-bdbb97d6bb07#.2x5gqgrkq All seems to work correctly and I am able to see the cluster. $ docker node ls ID HOSTNAME STATUS AVAILABILITY MANAGER STATUS 3ez478atbfrcwb66u892ccbpx worker-2 Ready Active 7qfb87e9n54q3at9enzgeeko1 worker-3 Ready Active cnr8tyaf1qqgkpjqnn4wmnb1e * moby Ready Active Leader eyksqiw6ewfks7t8fr48rppia worker-1 […]

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