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docker-compose is not working on Docker Beta for OS X

I’m using docker Version 1.11.1-beta11 (build: 6974) on OS X (which is native). It has a fancy migration tool to help you to move images from docker-machine to native docker (or something like that). Everything was working perfect, I even was able to start containers through docker-compose but then I rebooted my laptop and now […]

Excuting a shell script in code fails while it works in the terminal

I have a short program running on mono that builds a shell script to collect logs from a set of running docker containers. The script consist of a series of commands like the one below docker logs $(docker ps -f ancestor=comp/bff -q) > bff.log if I execute in the terminal it works as I expect. […]

Setting up docker on Mac OS – php-intl cannot be installed

I have the following problem: I want set up a development environment on my Mac using docker and boot2docker. For that I created an image using the below Dockerfile. The Problem is, that my php-intl-Extension cannot be installed.. I tried various method. For example to enable it in php.ini via: extension=php_intl.so None of the methods […]

sublime sftp connects to wrong container

I have two different docker containers under the same host stack. Currently I’m on OSX and using sublime text 3 with the SFTP plugin. For each different dev environment (docker container) I have a different sftp-config.jsonfile and I am using different SSH key files. Here are my host entries for both files: first host: “host”: […]

OSX / Mac with Kitematic / Docker : Tunnel / Port forwarding for access via external url

What would be the recommended best practise when it comes to tunneling / port forwarding for external access to local development. Achieving this is not a problem itself. Could set it up manual. But i would like to ask the community for recommended solutions that can be automated from my build for smooth external access […]

Add your application to a Docker image

I am implementing a docker container to compile (build) my code which is in C++. Platforms supported by my code are Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. I am using clang on my Mac machine to compile the code; gcc on Linux and Microsoft compiler(cl) on Windows. The idea is to create a Docker container and […]

Mac Docker Machine ZSH shell set env variable not applying

I am running Docker Machine on Mac. docker-machine version 0.6.0, build e27fb87 In my shell I have done export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://docker.local:2375 export DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY=0 Restarted the machine When I do docker-machine env These do not seem to have been set. I am using the ZSH shell, could this be an issue? docker-machine env export DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY=”1″ export DOCKER_HOST=”tcp://″ […]

Dockers: external drive as shared volume in OSX, Permissions

First let me describe the system that I’m working on. Intro I’ve got a Mac with a small SSD drive. The system contains different tools for data analysis that run as separated dockers. Docker for OSX does not run directly on the system and it requires a linux-based Virtual Machine which runs the dockers internally. […]

How to install oracle in mac using docker

I am trying to install oracle in macos using docker. I am new to docker and tried to install oracle using the containers present in the oracle docker images github like https://github.com/oracle/docker-images/tree/master/OracleDatabase docker run -p 1521:1521 -p 5500:5500 oracle/database: docker run –shm-size=1g -p 1521:1521 -p 8080:8080 oracle/database: ./buildDockerImage.sh -v But none of the commands […]

How do I get node.js “live editing” to work with Docker

My weekend project was to explore Docker and I thought a simple node.js project would be good. By “live edit” I mean I’d like to be able to manipulate files on my host system and (with as little effort as possible) see the Docker container reflect those changes immediately. The Dockerizing a Node.js web app […]

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