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Docker 1.9 volumes not updating on Mac OS. Image nginx

I’m trying to run a simple web application on a docker container. I want to mount a volume on the container which is dynamically updated with the content on my MacOs folder specified. It works when adding and removing files, but when I add some stuff to a file and save it I cannot see […]

Docker on OSX: How to start boot2docker in one shell and use it in another

After initialising with boot2docker start, only a specific terminal can then use docker commands. No other tabs, no other programs. In Emacs I’d like to execute the build and run commands in a new process every time they are called upon. The fact that I’d have to boot2docker init every single time makes this impossible. […]

How to import .bacpac into docker Sqlserver?

I installed Sqlserver on my Mac in a docker container, following the instructions form this article. I run the container with Kitematic and managed to connect to the server using Navicat Essentials for SQl Server. The server has four databases and I can create new ones, but, ideally, I would like to import an existing […]

Docker: MySQL-Socket created with wrong permissions when bind-mounted from host to container

I’m running Docker version 1.8.2 on MAC OS. I try to setup a container with the webserver and the project files reside on the host (-v, bind-mount) which works. The (php) project needs database access and I tried to give it access to my host MySQL via mysql.sock socket. I configured the host MySQL socket […]

docker-machine virtualbox image locations on OSX

I am using docker-machine on OSX (Mac Book) and it places the images in ~/.docker/machine. My drive is almost full and I want to move the images to a different drive. It would be nice if there was an installation option or way to specify a different location for .docker and the sub directories Does […]

how to forward request to docker machine in local network in OSX

I am currently running a docker machine in local network that its IP & port is right now. I want to connect this machine from somewhere out of the local network and access it, so the best way I found is to NAT the sent request from my laptop computer to docker machine. In […]

How to expose Docker volumes to my local machine using KiteMatic interface

Playing around with TensorFlow on my Mac, I’m using KiteMatic to run “temsorflow:latest” docker. I have some Python examples that I want to run on my local machine. Basically I want to be able to import tensorflow as tf, but since this library exists on my docker I need to somehow expose this folder out. […]

Not able to connect to the Docker server running on another Linux system

I have Docker installed on two Linux OS on my VirtualBox. The VirtualBox is installed on my MAC OS X 10.11 laptop. The details of the Linux OS versions are as follows: CentOS 7.0 Server is acting as a Docker client to Docker daemon on Ubuntu 14.04.03 server I have installed Docker version 1.8.3 on […]

Docker Beta on OS X: configure where images and logs are saved

I would like Docker to save local image and log files on the second disk of my machine. Is there any configuration file where I can specify a directory?

Docker – Replacement for `dockerd` on Mac

I wanted to start the docker daemon with an open TCP address like this: docker daemon -H tcp://, but the terminal suggested that I use dockerd instead, which is apparently not a program that comes with the Docker Client for mac. Is there a way I can either A – get some form of dockerd […]

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