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How to export my local docker image to a tar and the load on another computer

I have a local image on my windowns PC $ docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS 52f36432c9a7 visionai/clouddream:latest “/bin/bash” Less than a second ago Up 3 minutes Now I want to export it to a tar, so save in my flash disk and then load into my mac. i try these but […]

Docker: Unable to find volume real location

I’m creating a Docker container with the following command: docker run -v /data -d ubuntu Afterwards I try to find out the real location of the volume with: docker inspect 12345678 and it shows that it’s in /var/lib/docker/volumes/0ef2ed2715456b767fe52d38a316074c3da4a6fa82e4e42e5595c8dd8b5f0440/_data ls: /var/lib/docker/volumes/0ef2ed2715456—-/_data: But I don’t actually have a /var/lib/docker directory. What am I missing? I’m using Docker […]

OSX terminal vs Docker CLI

I’m not able to get what is the purpose of Docker CLI (started by Kinematic) – vs regular OSX terminal. I have docker command available in both (OSX terminal and Docker-CLI), but when typing in: //OSX terminal $ docker images Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host? // […]

How can I increase memory of docker-machine vm from commandline?

I using Docker for Mac. (this is not Docker toolbox) Is there a way to increase the memory of docker-machine from the command line? In Docker toolbox (this is not Docker for Mac), increasing memory can like below commands. But I don’t know how I can I do the same thing on docker for mac. […]

Docker port binding doesn't seem to work

I am running an example from Docker tutorial: docker run -d -P nginx This starts correctly as docker ps outputs the following: CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES a5838f701c8f nginx “nginx -g ‘daemon off” 3 minutes ago Up 2 minutes>80/tcp,>443/tcp compassionate_stallman When I run docker inspect a5838f701c8f, I can see the […]

docker: command not found ( mac mini ) only happens in jenkins shell step but work from command prompt

I’m facing this weird problem , struggling to solve since almost couple of days. Working: On mac mini command prompt , I switch to jenkins user and can run docker command without any problem. Not Working: but when I run a jenkins job , inside shell command step docker is not recognized. I’m getting error […]

How to force a docker push on mac osx

EDIT It seems that force is no longer needed. /EDIT On Linux I can force a docker version to the registry like this: docker push -f This is needed if you push the same image version. docker tag -f <imagename> <registry>:”latest” docker push -f <registry>:”latest” And all is well. However when I try to do […]

DotNet build CLI works in terminal, but not in Docker build

This is my first atempt with both .net core and docker. I cant figure out whats wrong. I can run dotnet restore / dotnet build / dotnet run in the terminal without any problem. The site loads up just fine. So I wanted to give docker a try (eventually running on VM in the cloud). […]

How to share a folder between my Mac and a Docker container

Been spending some time trying to setup a Docker container with access to a folder on my Mac. I know that you can use Docker Volumes to connect to a folder in the host, which on Mac ends up being Linux in VirtualBox, with the -v argument to docker run. And given that, I figured […]

Docker compose version 2.1+ on mac

On the beta release of the docker app, you get docker-compose version 1.11.1, which only supports file version 2.0 (that is, the docker-compose file has ‘version: “2”‘ at the top). There are a few features that I would love to use from 2.1+, but it seems docker for mac is a bit behind. Is there […]

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