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botocore.exceptions.EndpointConnectionError from inside Mac Docker container

I’ve recently started getting an EndpointConnectionError (after a long timeout) when attempting to contact DynamoDB from inside a Docker container running on Mac. The same code and setup has previously worked fine. Here’s some sample code: >>> from boto3 import resource >>> r = resource(‘dynamodb’) >>> table = r.Table(‘Users’) >>> table.put_item(Item={‘id’:’987987′}) My ~/.aws/config: [default] output […]

Cannot browse dockerized web app from other computers on network

I would like any computer on the same network as my Mac to be able to access the dockerized Rails web app running on my Mac. On my Mac (10.9.5) my Rails 4.2.4 web app is running fine in Docker when I access it via the docker ip and the port I assigned, Docker […]

File mounted as docker volume becomes corrupt when saved outside docker

In my host, I have this dir: /Users/gezimhome/projects/ziprecipes.net/zip-recipes/src which I mount to my docker container as: /usr/share/nginx/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/zip-recipes If I modify the following file (e.g. add a new line) outside of docker: /Users/gezimhome/projects/ziprecipes.net/zip-recipes/src/plugins/VisitorRating/scripts/main.js, I get a syntax error in the browser: Safari: Chrome: If I go into the docker container and so much as open the […]

How to install old version (1.8.3) of docker on OS-X?

There is a nasty bug in Docker 1.9.x that is causing java processes to hang and frankly hang up the entire container instance, spinning 100% CPU. I currently have docker 1.9.1 installed because that is all that the docker install tool will install. There is no opportunity during the install process to select any other […]

cannot ping www.google in a docker container when connected to one wifi

For some strange reason, I am not able to ping www.google.com when connected to one wifi. If I disconnect from that wifi and connect to another wifi, I am able to ping www.google.com. This has happened on 2 different wifi. While on those wifi networks, I am able to browse the web and ssh into […]

Mac OS X & Docker 1.9.1 Insecure registry location

I am trying to configure my Docker instance to allow insecure registries on my Mac. However, in the new installation for Docker, I can’t find which config file to place the –insecure-registry host:port I see in some places to put it in the /etc/default/docker file, yet the folder default doesn’t exist. I’ve even tried reating […]

Previously working docker now having errors

I have been testing docker with no issues but suddenly my connection(?) seems to have dropped. Has anyone experienced this? What is the fix? ## . ## ## ## == ## ## ## ## ## === /”””””””””””””””””\___/ === ~~~ {~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~ / ===- ~~~ \______ o __/ \ \ __/ \____\_______/ […]

Setting up Text editor like Vim,Spacemacs to work with docker containers without installing tools on the host machine

I am trying to set up a modular development environment with docker containers, In which: 1) no sdks/dev tools/compilers getting installed in my host machine (those should live inside the specific containers only) 2) Using my text editors (Vim, Spacemacs) in their GUI version on OSX The main problem here is that most of the […]

Docker image seemingly having missing layers

I’m experiencing some apparent strange behaviour with a docker build, resulting in the image missing some binaries. It almost seems as if some layers are actually missing from the image. The hierarchy is thus: java:8 | -> localhost:5000/php-cli-wiremock | -> localhost:5000/php-cli-wiremock-postgres Containers ran from “php-cli-wiremock” have all the expected binaries (java, php-cli, wiremock) Containers ran […]

Default docker machine on Mac

I’m a bit confused about the default docker machine on Mac. Currently, my docker-machine ls shows a machine called default but it’s not running. And yet I can still run containers without a problem. I believe what happened was I was having problem with the default setup and I rm and created the default machine. […]

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