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Mac Crashes Every Time I Try to Run Boot2Docker

I recently got a new MacBook Pro running OS X 10.10.2, and I installed Boot2Docker 1.5.0 on it. Aside from Chrome, this is the first program I installed on my new machine. However, when I try to run it, the terminal window opens up for a few seconds, saying boot2docker is up, and then my […]

Circular import error Docker Compose OSX VM linking two containers

I have several containers I’m running with Docker Compose. Two of them need to talk to each other, so I’ve linked them like this in docker-compose.yml: serviceone: links: – servicetwo servicetwo: links: – serviceone But, it throws an error saying “Circular import between x and y”. This post solves the issue for people who are […]

Mounting a directory located on an alternate host computer volume. Possible? (Docker)

Problem: I want to mount a directory to my docker container, but its located on another hard drive.For example: /Volumes/alternateDrive/files! A better explanation below: Lets take the following scenario: (I’m using OSX and Boot2Docker) Say I have a directory of files located at: /Volumes/SomeHardDrive/project/ … files! I would like to mount this directory in a […]

Is there an alternative/workaround for `boot2docker save`?

Currently there seems to be a bug in boot2docker in OS X that essentially wipes the boot2docker custom setup after restarting the Mac: https://github.com/boot2docker/boot2docker/issues/834 So I am wondering if before restarting the Mac, I can manually save aside some file that after the restart I could simply load it, so that I won’t lose my […]

docker toolbox, can connect to containers launched with kitematic but not with the cli?

I have docker toolbox 1.8.2c installed on my Mac running yosemite. If I launch hello-world-nginx from the docker hub in Kitematic, I can connect to its TCP port without an issue. When trying to do the same thing from the CLI, I can’t connect. Why? Here is what I am running on the docker CLI, […]

How can I access a container on boot2docker through the web browser?

I’ve used docker successfully on my Ubuntu laptop, but my coworker has boot2docker on his Macbook Air and is trying to set up a container that we both need to work on. On the boot2docker VM I have 2 port forwards, -> 172…:80 and -> 172…:3306 where 172… is the container’s IP on […]

Docker – can not start mysql permission error

I have problem with docker and mysql. I have build an image based on phusion/baseimage. I want to create image where /var/lib/mysql directory is shared with my host (OS X), because I dont want to store my data on container. Everything works fine when directory /var/lib/mysql is not shared. When I share this directory, mysql […]

TensorFlow docker dev workflow on mac

There is an official guide on how to install it that doesn’t say much about actually developing in it. From what I understand, there is a quite big challenge in developing with Docker in general. Not to mention there could be deeper technical complications about going with it for TensorFlow, maybe mostly thanks to GPUs. […]

Docker exec on an intermediate build image doesn't work

I am not sure what is going on here. It has worked in the past so I think I might just not understand what it happening. I am building an image from a Dockerfile and would like to troubleshoot why its failing. Example image FROM ubuntu:14.04 RUN useradd app -G sudo RUN apt-get update -f […]

How can I access from outside my docker container in mac?

I have a docker container running in a default vm in mac, I’ve already mapped the ports of my particular application to the ports of the vm. Once I’ve done that I can access my application by doing: curl $(docker-machine ip default):9003 After that I’ve mapped my vm port to my localhost by doing port […]

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