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How to share Mac screen to Linux docker container?

I want to run odesk time tracker (a Qt4 app) which captures your screen and keystrokes for freelance work logging. But I don’t trust it and want to sandbox it. On Linux, there are ways to run GUI items on docker container and forward X11 to Linux host. Can I do this on mac? The […]

Porting issue with Docker

Hey I tried running the command sudo docker run -d -P training/webapp python app.py” from the tutorial but I keep getting the error FATA[0000] Error response from daemon: Cannot start container. I downloaded the image fine but the trouble occurs whenever I try to run it. I checked the port sudo docker port (name) and […]

nginx in Docker on OS X doen't reload html

I tried to use nginx on boot2docker with OS X. I hope to start a web server. I tried with command below; docker run -d –name web -p 80:80 -v /Users/douglas/tmp/local_console:/usr/share/nginx/html:ro nginx Then I changed the content of index.html, and curl $(boot2docker ip), but the index.html is not changed. I tried to stop and restart […]

docker-machine – connection refused error

I’m using docker-machine, docker-compose on mac OS to start up my container. In my docker-compose.yml, i have ports: – “8080:8080” expose: – “3000” – “8000” – “8080” Steps to create docker-machine docker-machine create testdocker –driver=virtualbox eval “$(docker-machine env testdocker)” docker-compose up -d (all containers start up properly) docker-machine ip localdocker open echo ${DOCKER_HOST_IP} […]

Using boot2docker in OSX

i need little hlp with docker in osx, everything works fine with boot2docker but a need to forward ssh-agent socket to docker container. When I forward /private/tmp to docker container with -v switch I can not see content of $SSH_AUTH_SOCKET thx Marek

How to access current directory with Boot2Docker and Docker?

I run Docker container docker run -it python from which I can’t see my local files. How can I mount my current (host) directory (from which I run docker) as current directory inside the docker container? So that I can import file inside the container and it will find the local file.py. I could only […]

docker networking – Could not discover any bindable network interfaces

I am trying to execute a jar from within a docker container which tries to start a service and detects an IP and port of a remote service and tries to connect to it. But as soon as I do that I get this exception – Exception occured: org.teleal.cling.transport.spi.InitializationException: Could not discover any bindable network […]

Docker and Namespace-related errors after a successful login to Bluemix

I have installed Python (with Pip and easysetup), Cloud Foundry and ICE in my host machine, OS X 10.10.3. I’ve booted boot2docker and attempted to ice login. After a successful login attempt: mbp-idan:~ idanadar$ boot2docker up Waiting for VM and Docker daemon to start… .o Started. Writing /Users/idanadar/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/ca.pem Writing /Users/idanadar/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/cert.pem Writing /Users/idanadar/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/key.pem Your environment variables […]

how to build docker containers for different modules

I am building docker containers for different modules through vagrant machine as below. DOCKER_HOST_NAME = “docker-host” # Require ‘yaml’ module require ‘yaml’ # Read details of containers to be created from YAML file # Be sure to edit ‘containers.yml’ to provide container details containers = YAML.load_file(‘environment/containers.yaml’) # Create and configure the Docker container(s) Vagrant.configure(“2”) do […]

Docker Nginx image with static content from an external volume – permissions issue

When I run an Nginx container with static content from an external volume, I get a ‘forbidden’ issue. It’s stated that Docker maintains ownership of the host when using a volume so on my local OS X host, user/group is myself:staff, whereas Nginx container is expecting www-data:www-data. On a Linux system, it would be easy […]

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