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docker deploy to docker for mac swarm mode not working, how to troubleshoot?

I am trying to deploy a stack of services to docker for mac. Let me say beforehand that deploying my stacks to a real swarm works perfectly. I run docker for mac Beta Version 17.05.0-ce-rc1-mac8 (16582). I did run swarm init on it. Here’s my yaml file: version: “3” services: proxy: image: traefik:1.2-alpine command: –web […]

MS Edge running in guest machine does not store cookies from site hosted in another guest

I’m running Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge on VirtualBox and a Linux Apache web server running in Docker that I can access on the host machine through http://localhost On the guest Windows machine, I access the site by typing (as instructed here) and I can reach the site (apache on docker guest is configured […]

Making multiple Docker Machines accessible across local network. Linux & Mac

I know there are several questions similar to this, but as far as I can see there’s not an answer for the setup that I can get to work, and as far as documentation goes I’m a bit lost. My goal is to set up a linux development server on the local network which I […]

Having trouble getting docker to work on mac

OK so here is what I have done so far. I installed docker for mac, and that worked fine. From there I tried to get a project up and running using docker-compose and I got the following error: Could not read CA certificate “/Users/<useraccountfolder>/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/ca.pem”: open /Users/<useraccountfolder>/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/ca.pem: no such file or directory So I tried to […]

.Net Core Web Api to Docker Container Mac

I have a mac and parallels with windows 10. I compiled the webapi template in visual studio 2017 on windows without docker support to a folder on my mac. For some reason, I can’t get the docker image to run (hello-world image works fine). Docker is installed on the Mac. Here are my steps: dotnet […]

Assigning Public IP to SQL Server Docker Image

I am using the latest Docker version (17 CE) on a Mac OSX and I have spun up an instance of SQL Server using the following tutorial: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/linux/sql-server-linux-setup-docker The server was set up successfully and I managed to connect to it from outside the container via an SQL command line utility. The next step is […]

NuoDB setup on Docker for MacOS. Connection to NuoDB failed. [08S01] Could not connect to any host

I have set up NuoDB locally using docker image. It works fine and I can access a database console and run queries by accessing http://localhost:8888/explorer.jsp. But when I’m trying to connect to the database using JDBC I got error: Connection to NuoDB failed. [08S01] Could not connect to any host [localhost]. Errors are [java.io.IOException: Operation […]

How to store named docker volume with mysql data on external disk (mac os)?

I have installed docker on my Mac on SSD. Docker.qcow2 located on Mac too. So, named volume with mysql data in 100GB is located in this Docker.qcow2 on SSD too! I want to store named volume with mysql data on the external HDD and connect it to the docker container on the Mac. For me […]

Problems in Jenkins Guided tour on Mac

I just downloaded Jenkins using brew and I installed Docker CE. When I try to execute the pipeline in the Guided Tour: pipeline { agent { docker ‘maven:3.3.3’ } stages { stage(‘build’) { steps { sh ‘mvn –version’ } } } } the build fails with the following error: /Users/C0228983/.jenkins/workspace/POC_develop-6BCMWWG26VSSPB6S7LLDJWBDCIGFTA2YRE63L5XCEQAEMWYYDVTQ@tmp/durable-cc73be26/script.sh: line 2: docker: command not […]

how to make docker bypass the page cache in Mac OS

I run Linux docker container in Mac. When I use direct I/O in Linux, it seems the I/O access gets cached in Mac because iostat doesn’t show much I/O access to the disk. I wonder if there is a way to force I/O access from the docker container to bypass the page cache in Mac? […]

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