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Docker Quickstart Terminal crash on Mac OS X

I’m using MacOS X Yosemite 10.10.5. Recently, I installed Docker Toolbox. However, the iTerm crashed right after I open Docker Quickstart Toolbox. iTerm got an error: AppleEvent handler failed. iTerm got an error: AppleEvent handler failed. (-10000) Does anyone help me fix this issue? Thanks!

mesos slave failed to excute docker command

when i start a docker containner on mesos-slave the mesos-slave log shows that: I1223 15:38:40.822557 258486272 docker.cpp:761] Starting container ‘ea1ed2fa-c2e3-469a-bcc4-142e0a6c624d’ for task ‘2-1.2fb839ea-a948-11e5-9c42-2e7bf2aa25a6’ (and executor ‘2-1.2fb839ea-a948-11e5-9c42-2e7bf2aa25a6’) of framework ‘13165a00-8e58-4d80-b84d-fe4652022a3e-0000’ E1223 15:38:41.219044 254730240 slave.cpp:3342] Container ‘ea1ed2fa-c2e3-469a-bcc4-142e0a6c624d’ for executor ‘2-1.2fb839ea-a948-11e5-9c42-2e7bf2aa25a6’ of framework ‘13165a00-8e58-4d80-b84d-fe4652022a3e-0000’ failed to start: Failed to ‘docker -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock pull python:3’: exit status = exited […]

Can not add a volume to Mongodb Docker instance

I just installed Docker and I am using the official MongoDB repository. To keep things simple, I am using Kitematic (the point and click tool for docker). Mongo works ok, but when I try to add a volume for the data the image does not start docker run –name mongo-volume -v /Users/iosif/development/mongoDB/db:/data/db -d mongo:latest I […]

Chef-zero error when creating a docker container from OSX

I’m trying to create a docker container from OSX using the latest docker for OSX. chef-zero is able to build the basic container, but then can’t find the chef-zero server running because it is looking on the wrong IP address. It’s using the docker0 IP address instead of the address of my mac host. I […]

Apache and passenger behave differently on Docker mac vs ubuntu

I’m experiencing some issues with containers running apache2 + passenger phusion + rails app when I deploy them on mac or linux. I use the same image (based on ubuntu:14.04) pulled from the docker hub and the same run command docker run -it -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -e RAILS_ENV=development –link pg my-image-name On OSX 10.10.5, […]

Manipulating network traffic between containers in Docker in Docker environment without privileged mode?

In an environment where docker containers are running inside other docker containers (by mounting the docker socket, not running as privileged), is there any way to manipulate the network to do things like: Introduce latency Drop % of packets Bandwidth caps I am only interested in docker-to-docker traffic from containers I am starting myself with […]

How to run docker builds from Jenkins on a Mac?

How can I from my locally installed Jenkins run a docker build on my Mac? Normally when I run docker build I need to do it from the Docker Quickstart Terminal but now I want to have Jenkins make the docker call. Clearly simply running docker build… as an “Execute shell” component in Jenkins… Must […]

Kitematic Fail after clean setup

I’ve just install Docker on Mac OS 10.10.5 and ran Kitematic after that and got a hug error right away. This is the beginning of it, I can paste the rest if it will help Command failed: /usr/local/bin/docker-machine -D start default,Docker Machine Version: 0.7.0, build a650a40,Found binary path at /usr/local/bin/docker-machine,Launching plugin server for driver virtualbox,Plugin […]

How to update Kafka config file with Docker IP address

I am running Kafka inside a Docker container. Kafka requires a connection to Zookeeper, and so I am running Zookeeper in another container. I am running Docker on OSX and so my VM has the IP address: What I can’t figure out, is how do I update my Kafka Docker installation to point to […]

Changing Docker IP to 10.10.x.x

We are trying to use SAL on OS X. Docker and Kitematic seem to be great, but I cannot understand how to connect to SAL once it has been set up within Kitematic (Docker). The machine hosting Docker is Docker creates a VM that runs on, which I cannot get to unless I […]

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