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How to set Docker's system memory?

I’m using Docker 1.13.1 for Mac. The Docker client allows you to change the amount of memory provided to Docker using a simple slider interface. How can I set this value via docker‘s command line utility? For added clarity, this is not per container memory, this is the value of “Total Memory” that’s returned when […]

Windows docker build fail when adding files into /etc/my_init.d/

I encountered a docker build error when I was working on my Windows 10 docker instance after I added this to the webapp DockerFile FROM phusion/passenger-ruby23 ……. ADD post-run-web.sh /etc/my_init.d/99_post-run-web.sh RUN chmod +x /etc/my_init.d/99_post-run-web.sh RUN chown root:root /etc/my_init.d/99_post-run-web.sh The shell script was failing no matter what I put there, even if it was a just […]

How to forward USB device to Docker from Mac by ID?

I have an DVB-T USB stick whis is not compatible with Mac OSX, but with Linux and Windows. I would like to make a Dockerfile with TVHeadend on my Mac with the stick. I know that you can forward a device with –device=/dev/dvb/adapter0 to the docker, but my problem is, that I don`t have a […]

How to access docker daemon through the hyperkit that is launched manually?

I launch hyperkit with the following command ./com.docker.hyperkit -m 8G -c 4 -u -s 31,lpc \ -s 0:0,hostbridge \ -s 2:0,virtio-vpnkit,path=/tmp/ethernet \ -s 3:0,virtio-net \ -s 4,virtio-9p,path=./s40,tag=db \ -s 5,virtio-9p,path=./s51,tag=port \ -s 6,virtio-rnd \ -s 7,virtio-sock,guest_cid=3,path=/Users/os/myapp/,guest_forwards=2375 \ -l com1,autopty=tty -A \ -f kexec,vmlinuz64,initrd.img,earlyprintk=serial console=ttyS0 But I can’t access docker daemon (nor socket nor tcp).

How to fix docker so that it stops messing with android studio from connecting to emulator in OSX

Related to this question : Android Emulator doesn't start in MacOS 10.10 Indeed docker installation makes impossible to start an emulator in android studio. Quiting docker makes it possible to start the emulator but not to start the app (the emulator stays on the main screen). With error : Error while waiting for device: Timed […]

Is it possible to get terminal notifications in OSX through a docker container?

For instance, libnotify sends file events through a specific port (I don’t remember which one). Is it an event send on a specific port? In which case I would guess it would be possible for a linux container to send an event to the host OSX development machine. It connects, or calls a OSX command, […]

Running docker with pgadmin on mac getting Error: Unable to initialize GTK+, is DISPLAY set properly?

I am trying to run pgadmin from my mac (Sierra 10.12.4) as described here docker run –rm –name pgadmin –link postgres:postgres -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -e DISPLAY=unix$DISPLAY mdouchement/pgadmin3:1.20.0 but I am getting this error: Error: Unable to initialize GTK+, is DISPLAY set properly? how can I run docker pgadmin ?

Docker FATAL: could not write lock file “postmaster.pid”: No space left on device

postgres:9.5 I try rebooting, docker-compose build –no-cache delete image and container and build again I have many proyects and anybody starts, keeps the same configuration… Mac osx Sierra Apparently the containers were not deleted well, I tried with this and after rebuild works ok. # Delete all containers docker rm $(docker ps -a -q) # […]

Docker CE on Mac OSX hanging on startup

I had docker working and then I went and upgraded the version by downloading the latest Docker CE dmg from docker.com and installing over the old version. Since then I have been unable to get the Docker app to start. Double-clicking it would make a spinning beach ball of death appear when hovering over the […]

How to connect usb wireless interface to a Docker container on Mac OSX?

I have a Linux Docker container which needs a wireless interface to work. On Linux (running it at a Linux host) I have no problem with that. Running Docker container with arguments –privileged and –net=host I can access to the host wireless interfaces and I can manage them without any issue. The problem is when […]

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