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How do debug multiple dot.net core services in containers from Visual Studio Mac

Context: I’m experimenting with building a set of dotnetcore applications on Mac which will eventually get deployed on Kubernetes. The application is broken down into multiple services. To name a few an IdentityServer, API, Frontend/UI. I’ve been searching in vain to find an optimised development workflow for such a case. Specifically, I’m looking for ways […]

Docker need to access hosts's Postgres database

I have a Flask app that’s running inside a Docker container, and I can run it using the following command. docker run -e DB_HOST=<…> -e DB_PORT=<…> -e DB_NAME=<…> -e DB_USER=<…> -e DB_PASSWORD=<…> -p 8080:8080 <tag name> Before the database was on AWS, now the database is running on a MAC laptop. So how can the […]

Docker unable to mount volume with node app

I have create a local node express app and now I am trying to run the node app via Docker. docker run -p 8080:3000 -v $(pwd):/var/www -w “/var/www” node npm start npm info it worked if it ends with ok npm info using npm@5.0.3 npm info using node@v8.1.2 npm ERR! path /var/www/package.json npm ERR! code […]

OS X Docker does not set repo name nor tag after build

On my Ubuntu 14.04 I’m building images from docker file and get correct names after that. But running docker build -t name . on OS X 10.10.7 does not set it for repo. $ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE <none> <none> 1aae5cf19164 5 hours ago 409.9 MB buildpack-deps wheezy-scm 1d4e9588f5fc 3 […]

Boot2docker VM graphics

Boot2docker is a lightweight Linux distribution running in VirtualBox VM. All basic functionality works fine, I am able to use docker containers in MacOS X. However my application requires OpenGL rendering and I cannot get it working. How do I control which graphics acceleration is used inside that VirtualBox VM? I want to completely remove […]

Cannot get boot2docker port forwarding to work on docker mac os X

Here is what I have tried: My goal: running the prosody XMPP server inside a container, accessed by my (as-yet uncontainerized) local development environment. I installed the prosody XMPP server – this is what I am trying to use as a container for local development. It comes dockerized here: https://github.com/lloydwatkin/prosody-docker I ran, as per documentation: […]

Import a heroku postgres database dump into a docker database container with boot2docker

I’m running boot2docker on OSX 10.10. I have a database container set up so my databases don’t get reset every time I start/stop a container. I would like to import a dump of a postgres database from heroku into my docker database. Is this possible to do?

Permission Denied while trying to connect to Docker Daemon while running Jenkins pipeline in Macbook

I am trying to run Jenkins pipeline job in my macbook. I also have docker instance running locally. Initially I got the “docker command not found” error while running the Jenkins Job. I fixed the error by adding a symlink “ln -f -s /Applications/Docker.app/Contents/Resources/bin/* /usr/local/bin“ I also applied these two changes so that jenkins user […]

How to deploy web service on Docker container

This is my Dockerfile: #Build java web app container image FROM ubuntu MAINTAINER wangyao #Make java and tomcat install directory RUN mkdir /usr/local/java RUN mkdir /usr/local/tomcat #Copy jre and tomcat into image ADD jdk1.8.0_45.jdk /usr/local/java/ ADD apache-tomcat-7.0.62 /usr/local/tomcat/ ENV JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/java/Contents/Home CMD cd /usr/local/tomcat;./bin/catalina.sh run #Expose http port EXPOSE 8080 Then i built it and try […]

Updating boot2docker to 1.4.0 not taking

I’m trying to update docker/boot2docker using boot2docker download command but upon starting it, it is still running 1.3.2 client (docker –version) bash-3.2$ boot2docker download Latest release for boot2docker/boot2docker is v1.4.0 Downloading boot2docker ISO image… Success: downloaded https://github.com/boot2docker/boot2docker/releases/download/v1.4.0/boot2docker.iso Also, from the docker github OS X installer page, 1.3.2 is the only download option. Thanks!

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