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docker-entrypoint.sh: line 113: conf/neo4j.conf: Permission denied

Deploying docker Neo4J image using openshift and I’m getting this error: docker-entrypoint.sh: line 113: conf/neo4j.conf: Permission denied. Any idea how to solve this issue on open shift?

Creating a CAAS using Kubernetes/Docker/Flannel/etcd

I would like to request some expert opinion from SMEs on: 1) What would it take to build a CAAS using physical/bare-metal servers. a. Suggested options to implement concerns like : Resource Monitoring, Utilization etc b. Any suggested approaches to make a robust, scalable, resilient underlying infrastructure which marries well kubernetes/docker/etcd/flannel based CAAS layer 2) […]

OpenShift V3 Generic WebHook Tag

I’m trying to understand how to provide a Docker image tag that will be included with the image pushed to my private Docker registry when a webhook call is made to OpenShift v3. The overall process of having Git commits initiate the build, image, and registry push are all fine. They are initiated by the […]

What is the reason behind openshift error invalid ImageStreamTag?

I have openshift server running on my machine. I am using the web console to create and build images from github repository. I want to deploy a pod on openshift using an image that I already built in openshift. So I run the buildConfig from the web console using a template file. I am having […]

OPENSHIFT V3 : Issue with preStop container hook (with a basical example)

I was trying to getting started with Lifecycle hook in openshift, but I’ve got some issues with a very simple example: I just run a pod that contains a volume (named test) and 2 containers (hookExample and daemonContainer). Both containers are attached to the volume. The first one contains 3 scripts “postStart.sh” “script.sh” “end.sh” which […]

Openshift pods crash

I have created image locally (docker image) and when i run image witg oc run AA –image=(docker image name). It runs and crashes after few seconds. There is no log in oc and docker. Error in oc describe is crashloopbackoff

i don't manage to push a docker image into openshift docker registry

Hello we are using openshift-origin to deploy and run our docker springboot applications. We’d like to push from maven and from central builder engine our images to private openshift docker-registry. But actually i manage to login from master node, but i’m not able to login to the docker-registry externally. I created pod, service and route […]

How to deal with transactional logs in Fabric8?

Probably a quite newbie question: If for example WildFly application server in running in 10 immutable pods, when one of the pods for any reason is killed and a new one is automatically spawned all transactional logs stored in that specific pod will be lost. Is there a standard way to deal with this problem? […]

Slow network in Docker container after OpenShift install

After installing CentOS 7 VM in Google Cloud (n1-standard-2) with CentOS’ own Docker packages (docker-1.10.3-44) the network performance is as expected. Downloading a 100MB file from within a Docker container with wget takes 18 secs. However if the same node is part of an OpenShift Origin (1.1) installation (with default network settings wherever applicable), the […]

Tag latest not found in repository docker.io/library/centos on Redhat Enterprise Linux behind proxy server

I have installed and pulled from docker.io successfully many times on Redhat Enterprise Linux. But now I am having a very difficult time with a slightly different environment behind a proxy server. I am starting to think there is a modification Redhat has done to the docker packages preventing my proxy setting from working correctly. […]

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