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Openshift postfix server not starting

I am installing postfix server from docker and then deploying it to openshift. On my local docker container postfix server starts fine and is able to send email but is failing on Openshift. Part of my Dockerfile: RUN DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y postfix RUN sed -i ‘s/relayhost.*/relayhost = <my.mail.host>/g’ /etc/postfix/main.cf RUN sed -i ‘s/myhostname.*/myhostname = […]

selinux issues with Openshift 3.4 with dynamic persistant volumes using glusterfs

I have an Openshift Origin 3.4 cluster running on Centos 7.2 using glusterfs/hiketi as the dynamic persistent storage system. SELinux is in enforcing mode and docker (1.12.5) is likewise setup with —selinux-enabled. The pod is running as a restricted pod. As a test of Openshift I created a Jenkins application pod using the jenkins persistent […]

Configuring Docker multi-container App with Spring Cloud Server for OpenShift Origin

Stuck with few limitations to build an effective cluster based design for a distributed app (using Docker + OpenShift Origin) To give a brief idea about my current architecture, we have multiple war and micro-services and all these apps following common approach to read property files from external folder (outside of war). Example: /usr/local/share/appconfigs and […]

Deploying Docker images from Gitlab's private Docker registry to Openshift

I’m working on a Docker-based project. The project code is hosted in a private Gitlab installation, git.example.com. With it, the Docker private registry shipped with Gitlab is deployed, registry.example.com. The project has a CI setup which ends up building Docker images and pushing to the registry, this part works as expected. As Gitlab+Docker registry does […]

Spring Bean injection fails on OpenShift

I added a new Spring Integration configuration with Spring Messaging into our Spring Boot application. The application deploys and runs properly on my MAC. However, when deployed to OpenShift (using OpenJDK) or Docker runtime deployments fail with the following error: Unsatisfied dependency expressed through constructor parameter 0; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No qualifying bean of […]

Openshift doesn't copy docker container files to persistence volume

I have created a Dockerfile that creates a Pentaho docker image with a persistence volume (using the VOLUME directive) in the biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/ directory. When running locally the Pentaho docker container, all the files contained in that directory are present and the persistence (adding plugins, project files etc etc) works fine. I have given a persistence […]

Seeding sclorg/mariadb container

I’m using the SoftwareCollections MariaDB container and I can’t seem to find a way to initialize the database with some users and data. The official mariadb container provides the very handy /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d directory. The container runs all .sql and .sql.gz files at database initialization, but this type of functionality seems to be missing from the […]

How to configure an application in openshift via a REST endpoint?

We use openshift to deploy our dockerized Java EE application. This application exposes a REST endpoint that we use to configure the service (some standard things like polling intervalls, other endpoints to query for data, default language,…). Till now we configured this application by running a second container that holds the configuration data and runs […]

Rsync not working between the openshift containers based on rhel7.3

I need to transfer files from one container to other container.I have developed the docker image based on rhel7.3 and deployed on the openshift redhat We have used rsync to transfer files between the containers.Below rsync script is working fine when I have developed the image based on ubuntu but not on redhat #!/bin/bash mkdir […]

OpenShift Error creating: pods “pod-name” is forbidden: service account was not found

I am trying to deploy the Red Hat Single Sign-On container using the following instructions: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_jboss_middleware_for_openshift/3/html/red_hat_jboss_sso_for_openshift/get_started. However, when I deploy the container I get the error “Error creating: pods “sso-1-” is forbidden: service account project-name/sso-service-account was not found, retry after the service account is created.” Steps to reproduce the problem: In OpenShift web GUI, create […]

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