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Why is my npm dockerfile looping?

I’m containerizing a nodejs app. My Dockerfile looks like this: FROM node:4-onbuild ADD ./ /egp RUN cd /egp \ && apt-get update \ && apt-get install -y r-base python-dev python-matplotlib python-pil python-pip \ && ./init.R \ && pip install wordcloud \ && echo “ABOUT TO do NPM” \ && npm install -g bower gulp \ […]

Bash script fails to run node on docker image

I have an app that I want to run on a single self contained Docker image. I had it running fine on an Ubuntu based image, but the same script now causes me trouble on Alpine. Here is my docker file : FROM julienlengrand/alpine-node-rethinkdb # Preparing # RUN ln -snf /bin/bash /bin/sh # # Define […]

Cannot install inside docker container

I’m quite new at docker, but I’m facing a problem I have no idea how to solve it. I have a jenkins (docker) image running and everything was fine. A few days ago I created a job so I can run my nodejs tests every time a pull request is made. one of the job’s […]

Pass commands from one docker container to another

I have a helper container and an app container. The helper container handles mounting of code via git to a shared mount with the app container. I need for the helper container to check for a package.json or requirements.txt in the cloned code and if one exists to run npm install or pip install -r […]

installation of nodejs returned a non-zero code: 1 with docker build

I’m trying to build a docker image with the following dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:16.10 MAINTAINER F├ítima Alves COPY ./dist /myprogram/ WORKDIR /myprogram RUN apt-get update \ && \ apt-get install -y \ curl \ && \ curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_6.x | bash – \ && \ apt-get install -y \ python-dev \ libxml2-dev \ libxslt1-dev And no […]

Deploy NWJS with docker

I am developing an app with NWJS, now I am thinking in the deploy process, what I need is install the app into different machines that will use that app, the problem that I see is if I change some file I will need install again into each machine, I was reading about docker and […]

How should I run thumbd as a service inside a Docker container?

I’d like to run thumbd as a service inside a node Docker image! At the moment I’m just running it before I start my app, which is no use to me! Is there a way I could setup my Dockerfile to run it as an init.d service on startup without blocking any of my other […]

Using pm2 Inside of an Auto-Scaling Environment

I am planning to use the AWS EC2 Container Service to host an auto-scaling group of Node.js + Express instances that expose a REST API. I’ve seen multiple articles telling me that I should be using pm2 over forever.js in order to ensure that my application restarts if it crashes, that I can have smooth […]

Node webservice in Docker with entrypoint fails but works otherwise

I am running a node web service inside docker container. When I run Docker container with entrypoint CMD [“node”, “app.js”] it gives me the below mentioned error. When I use CMD /bin/bash and enter the contianer and run node app.js then my application works fine This is the error: Error: Module did not self-register. at […]

node.js proxy app in docker behind nginx proxy

I am trying to setup nginx proxy to node.js proxy to aws elasticsearch app in a docker. nginx version: nginx/1.10.0 – installed on the machine, not in docker Docker version 1.12.5, build 047e51b/1.12.5 CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core) docker run -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY -p mydocker/es_kibana_proxy -b search-elasticsearch-dev-tdxka.us-east-1.es.amazonaws.com netstat -nlp: Active Internet connections […]

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