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Merge container files when using docker-sync

I am using docker-sync to speed up the dev environment file updates on my node.js application. Right now I am trying to cache npm install command by moving package.json to the image and running npm install when the image is created. Dockerfile: ADD ./package.json /app/user/ RUN npm install Then I use the following configuration for […]

Can i use watch in nodemon or pm2 in docker with file in shard drive?

I’m using Docker for windows and shared drive. in linux container, setup my express server using nodemon and I edited my source file from windows. but after file changed, watch doesn’t work. PM2 is same. How can i use watch event?

ip address for google app engine node js docker application

This is related to the stackoverflow question here: Run Websocket on GAE and also follows from a previous question I asked here: Google app engine: IP of docker custom runtime container, node.js. As per the second question, I am trying to deploy a version of mozilla’s browserquest in a production google custom runtime nodejs environment […]

Scripts with dialog from Docker container

I have a docker container which intentionally should serve node.js environment. Something similar to configuration described in this article. But I want to create my own project. Is there are a way to run npm init and generate package.json with container? If I run this command it fails on first question. How can I answer […]

Hapi.js is not listening to subdomains?

I am running Hapi.js on Digital Ocean using the official Node.js-Dockerimage. I created the corresponding A, AAA and CNAME nameserver settings successfully. When I am now trying to access the website on the main domain, it works just fine. As soon as I try to access the “www”-subdomain, e.g. www.mydomain.com, I get “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” in Chrome. […]

access data volume of node modules outside docker container

I have docker setup for a node.js web service which creates a data volume for node modules like this: volumes: – ./service:/usr/src/service – /usr/src/service/node_modules The solution with data volume works fine. But using a data volume, the node_modules are not accessible or visible in my host (not container) which creates other restrictions. For example: I […]

Docker cannot run on build when running container with a different user

I don’t know the specifics why the node application does not run. Basically I added a dockerfile in a nodejs app, and here is my Dockerfile FROM node:0.10-onbuild RUN mv /usr/src/app /ghost && useradd ghost –home /ghost && \ cd /ghost ENV NODE_ENV production VOLUME [“/ghost/content”] WORKDIR /ghost EXPOSE 2368 CMD [“bash”, “start.bash”] Where start.bash […]

NodeJS/Dokku/Docker: ffmpeg exited with code 127

I’m trying to run ffmpeg inside of a Docker container via Dokku. I’ve heavily modified a Dokku plugin to accomplish this as I need h264 support. I currently get an error from fluent-ffmpeg which states Error: ffmpeg exited with code 127 I’ve tried to look up what error code 127 is but haven’t found much. […]

Writting empty object with socket.io

I’m currently trying to send some information via Socket.io with Node.js but it looks like I’m doing something wrong and I really don’t know why. I have some containers on my machine using Docker and I use the Docker.io node package for my app in order to get all the information I want. Here’s the […]

How to deploy an application using Docker

I have a node.js application which depends on phantom.js. Since both node and phantom.js are not exactly a breeze to set up, I created a Docker container which does this. Now how do I deploy updates of my application to this docker container running on our production server. For me, there are two possibilities. Set […]

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