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Docker and git deployment workflow confusion

I have been reading about docker, but im confused on how a nice workflow can be maintained for deploying an application hosted on github, to be deployed into a docker container on a cloud service. For example, a web application written for nodeJS, to be hosted on EC2. I develope the app on my local […]

Docker container nodejs connection to external mysql fail

My nodejs application is connecting to mysql externally, it is all good if i start interactively by docker run -p 49160:8080 -t -i <image>, and run nodejs /src/server.js manually. However, when i start with daemon docker run -p 49160:8080 -d <image>, it will fail to connect to the external mysql. Tried docker start <container> and […]

Build Error while deploying to App Engine using custom containers

I am using a nodejs based custom deployment on App Engine using google/nodejs-runtime docker image. I built my code on the localhost via gcloud preview app run . and it runs fine. But when i deploy it to my App Engine using gcloud preview app deploy . it give this error (along with whole stacktrace): […]

Separation of 2 docker containers running the same web application

I have created an image that runs an instance of mongodb and a web server. It only exposes the port 8000 (for the web interface). The web server is a nodejs applications (sails.js) that connect to the mongodb instance local to the container. I then run 2 containers (on the same machine) with this image: […]

Build a Docker image remotely using Node.js

I want to build a Docker image remotely, by using Node.js. Basically, I’ve seen that there are projects such as dockerode and docker.io that wrap Docker’s remote API, but I’m not sure whether they really are what I am looking for. My basic setup looks like this: I have a ready-made image inside of a […]

CORS error upload file ~4mb

I’m building an app where angular front-end is on s3 as static website and Sails (0.10.3) API inside dokku with Node 0.11.13 and SSL on EC2. If file is larger than about 4mb I got error “No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.” OPTIONS request is hitting my API and I can catch […]

Docker machine / Docker link returns different container IP on Digital Ocean

I created a Droplet on DigitalOcean using Docker machine. When running two containers and linking them this way from Jenkins: /bin/bash/eval “$(docker-machine env deployment)” /bin/bash -c “docker run -d -t –name container1 -p 5000:5000 image1” /bin/bash -c “docker run -d -t –name container2 -p 5001:5001 –link container1:container1 image2” And then docker inspect container1 | grep […]

CPU Higher than expected in Node running in docker

I have a vagrant machine running at 33% CPU on my Mac (10.9.5) when nothing is supposed to be happening. The VM machine is run by Kinematic. Looking inside one of the containers I see 2 node (v0.12.2) processes running at 3-4% CPU each. root@49ab3ab54901:/usr/src# top -bc top – 03:11:59 up 8:31, 0 users, load […]

Route web Node.js + Vagrant + Nginx

I have 3 instances of CoreOS in Vagrant. In one of them I have a Docker container with Node.js and other with MongoDB. The Node.js container has nginx configured and working if I do a wget in the container and in the instance of coreOS. My question is if I have to configure something more […]

Looking for a Docker image that automatically detects the application language

A while back I found a application or Docker image that automatically detected the application language. Once it detected the language it would automatically setup the Docker container for that application, for example install Node.js and run the main file. Does anybody know the name of this application or Docker image?

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