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Nodejs app with npm start script

I’m very new to nodejs. In my dockerized environment, I want to provide appdynamics support to nodejs apps. This mandates every app to require the following as the first line in their app. require(“appdynamics”).profile({ controllerHostName: ‘<controller host name>’, controllerPort: <controller port number>, controllerSslEnabled: false, // Set to true if controllerPort is SSL accountName: ‘<AppDynamics_account_name>’, accountAccessKey: […]

Docker NodeJs for ReactJs

I’m trying to create a container for my ReactJs project with nodejs. At first, it seems to be success, but am not able to access it through the port. Following is my Dockerfile package.json Command I ran docker build -t <your username>/node-reactjs . docker run -p 9090:3333 -d <your username>/node-reactjs As you can see, the […]

Cannot find module '/parse/cloud/main.js' in Docker Parse Server

I am working with Docker Parse Server and I am trying to get some cloud code working. It does work with the basic example (section “Server Side Developments” in the link given above) where my git repository just contains a main.js like so: (root) | |- main.js However, when I try to upload a Parse […]

Running Babel on NodeJS5.12.0 image inside the Docker for Windows

Well, I’ve been trying to run this over the past few days and whatever I do, it ends up in an error. Here’s the scenario. I’m trying to run a dev environment base on Cory House’s redux starter kit found here: https://github.com/coryhouse/pluralsight-redux-starter To do this I did several things: Installing Docker for Windows. Selecting “D” […]

Download version files from app engine

There is any way to download a file from google managed VM docker? we lost one that is in production version and I want to download it to my computer but I cant find the app path

Dockers container source code mounting failed in Ubuntu

I have an issue here when I was trying to build and hook-up my local source code into the Container. Would appreciate if you could advise. Here is my Docker file per attached screen shot. What I am trying to do is basically, I want to create a NodeJs Container and hook-up my local nodejs […]

need for Node.js docker image that run the app when start

I’m using AWS Elastic Beanstalk Multicontainer environment. the problem is when using image node:0.12 or node:argon the container start then close immediately. node:argon “node” About a minute ago Exited (0) after investigation we found that we must build our own image with some commands that will start the app when container initialized. my question is: […]

Docker container management solution

We’ve NodeJS applications running inside docker containers. Sometimes, if any process gets locked down or due to any other issue the app goes down and we’ve to manually login to each container n restart the application. I was wondering if there is any sort of control panel that allow us to easily and quickly restart […]

Docker MEAN.JS can't set to run in 'PRODUCTION' mode

In the Mean.Js Docker file I’ve set ENV var to production from development: ENV NODE_ENV production When starting the docker container, in the console output it shows that it is running in “Development” environment. I’ve re-started the docker container as: docker run -e “NODE_ENV=production”-i -t –name www1 –link mongodb:db_1 -p 80:3000 somecompany/meansite Again, the output […]

Null port bindings from inspect, the first time. a second time good. why?

I’m using https://github.com/apocas/dockerode to manage docker containers from a node.js app and have written the following function: run: function(opts) { var self = this; return self.createContainer(opts).catch(function(e) { return self.pull(opts.Image).then(function(stream) { return self.followProgress(stream); }).then(function() { return self.createContainer(opts); }); }).then(function(o) { Bluebird.promisify(o.start, {context: o})(); return o; }).then(function(o) {; var inspect = Bluebird.promisify( o.inspect, {context: o} ); return […]

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