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Docker – Override or remove ENTRYPOINT from a base image

I’m using Docker (version 1.12.2, build bb80604) to setup a simple image/container with Gatling (Load Testing tool) + NodeJS. So, I pulled this Docker/Gatling base image and created my own Dockerfile to install NodeJS on it. However, the Docker/Gatling base image above has an ENTRYPOINT already defined to call Gatling straightaway and then automatically exits […]

How to protect a web application running in a Docker container by username and password?

I have written a Node.js web application that gets packaged as a Docker image. I can run this image, and everything is perfectly fine. Now I would like to show the web application so someone else, so I would like to run the Docker image on a server on the internet – but I do […]

Unhandled promise rejection in Docker with 'opn' npm module

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): Error: Exited with code 3 I apparently get this error when I open links using the module in Docker container. I tested the code in my local before I put the code on my server which uses Docker. And It literally works well in my local that doesn’t […]

Docker container cannot clone public Github repo

I am guessing this is an internet connectivity issue, however, there might be some RSA public key missing. I have this Dockerfile: FROM node:4-onbuild COPY test-install-post-publish.sh /usr/src/app/ EXPOSE 8888 The bash script that gets COPY’ed into the container looks like: #!/usr/bin/env bash cd # cd to home dir mkdir suman-test cd suman-test && rm -rf […]

How do I populate a volume in a docker-compose.yaml

I am starting to write my first docker-compose.yml file to set a a combination of services that make up my application (all node-js). One of the services (web-server – bespoke, not express) has both a large set of modules it needs and an even larger set of bower_components. In order to provide separation of concerns, […]

Receive UDP Multicast in Docker Container

I am using docker compose and hypriotos on a raspberry pi running a node container. I would like to receive udp multicast messages send to in local network. My code is working on other machines outside of docker so I think it’s a docker issue. I already exposed port 1982/udp in the docker file […]

Export on nodejs alpine docker image is not accepted

I want to add a http_proxy environment variable to the nodejs alpine docker image. The Dockerfile looks like this FROM node:6-alpine RUN export RUN export https_proxy=’http://myproxy:8080′ RUN export http_proxy=’http://myproxy:8080′ RUN export The output when running docker build -t myimage:latest . looks like this Step 1/5 : FROM node:6-alpine —> 66cf88e4fc20 Step 2/5 : RUN export […]

Link nodejs app to Rethinkdb from another container

I made two 2 containers, one for the RethinkDB and one for a nodejs app. I want to connect my nodejs app to this RethinkDB but everytime I try get an error Error:{“message”:”Failed to connect to localhost:58015\nFull error:\n{\”code\”:\”ECONNREFUSED\” But I can connect the same nodejs app running without Docker to the RethinkDB, with the open […]

The npm command is not found in my NodeJS docker container

I created a Docker image: $ docker build -t stephaneeybert/nodejs . Sending build context to Docker daemon 2.56 kB Step 1 : FROM debian —> 1b088884749b Step 2 : RUN apt-get clean && apt-get update —> Using cache —> b12133d6342f Step 3 : RUN apt-get install -y curl —> Using cache —> 22dfb4882b12 Step 4 […]

Running gulp in `docker-compose build`

I am attempting to include a gulp build process as part of a docker-compose build process. Dockerfile: FROM python:3.5.1-onbuild RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get install -y nodejs npm COPY /app/package.json /usr/src/app/app/ WORKDIR /usr/src/app/app RUN npm install –only=production RUN npm install –global gulp-cli RUN gulp WORKDIR / EXPOSE 8080 RUN python3 setup.py install CMD python3 manage.py […]

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