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docker login not working with nexus 3 private registry

Nexus UI Config I am running Nexus Repository Manager OSS 3.0.1-01 on a linux VM On that VM, I have nginx working to reserve proxy http requests as https. My SSL key is signed by a trusted CA I created a maven repository, which works without issues, whenever I have a client machine publish to […]

Named Docker volume to share build not updating

I have been asked by dev ops at the company I am working for to do something a little different with Docker then I am used too. The goal is to have 2 containers with the following responsibilities: Container A: Node container that will build the frontend react application and place the bundle into a […]

Dockerizing nginx and Flask

I’m setting up a Flask/uswgi web server. I’m still wondering about the micro-service architecture: Should I put both nginx and Flask with uwsgi in one container or shall I put them in two different containers and link them? I intend to run these services in a Kubernetes cluster. Thanks

launching adhoc docker instances: Is it recommended to launch a docker instance per request?

Is it recommended to launch a docker instance per request? I have either lighttpd or Nginx running on my web server as a reverse proxy. I support a number of subdomains with very low usage. When a request for the subdomain arrives I want to start the docker instance. Preferable I’d like to launch them […]

Request hangs for nginx reverse proxy to an ASP.NET 5 web application on docker

I am trying to get nginx, ASP.NET 5, Docker and Docker Compose working together on my development environment but I cannot see it working so far. This is the state where I am now and let me briefly explain here as well. I have the following docker-compose.yml file: webapp: build: . dockerfile: docker-webapp.dockerfile container_name: hasample_webapp […]

Using Kubernetes with an Artifactory/Nginx proxy

Pretty much I’m asking how to setup the yaml/kubernetes to use my Artfiactory to pull images. I’m new to Kubernetes and have successfully installed what I’m trying to do on my private machine based on this tutorial. At work I would like to use Kubernetes to allow developers to quickly deploy and scale docker images, […]

Why change NGINX file locations?

Almost every example I have seen, of people configuring NGINX (mostly with Docker), changes the default file and folder locations. Can someone think of a legitimate reason for this other than personal preference (ex: moving to the industry recognized location for such items)? Two of the example changes I am seeing are… 1. HTML Location […]

Mounting nginx conf as a docker volume causes system error boot2docker

I’m trying to run nginx within a docker container whilst mounting the configuration and static html files for it to serve up. Very simple stuff as far as I’m aware, but I keep getting an error about the directory not being a directory? I’m running this example on my Mac using the latest version of […]

How to create a Docker container of an AngularJS app?

I have an AngularJS app that has this structure: app/ —– controllers/ ———- mainController.js ———- otherController.js —– directives/ ———- mainDirective.js ———- otherDirective.js —– services/ ———- userService.js ———- itemService.js —– js/ ———- bootstrap.js ———- jquery.js —– app.js views/ —– mainView.html —– otherView.html —– index.html How do I go about creating my own image out of this […]

Automatically append docker container to upstream config of nginx load balancer

I’m running Docker Compose (v2) and have a node service (website) and python based api deployed with nginx sitting in front of them. One thing I would like to do is be able to scale the services by adding more containers. If I know ahead of time how many containers I will have, I can […]

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