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nginx windows 10 upstream timeout

Short: How can I setup an upstream timeout for nginx on windows? Long: I am currently on windows 10 and I have a nginx problem. So the problem is that I want to have 2 different upstreams on my dev machine one pointing to an local running webserver and one to a docker container. upstream […]

Elasticsearch 2.4 nodes does not form cluster with ConnectTransportException

I am already running ELK stack with Elasticsearch(ES) 1.7 with docker container with 3 nodes, each running one ES container, running behind nginx server. Now I am trying to upgrade ES to 2.4.0. Root user is not allowed in ES 2.4.0 so I am using -Des.root.insecure.allow=true option. #Pulling SLES12 thin base image FROM private-registry-1 #Author […]

nginx+php-fpm docker-compose not work

I can’t to configure nginx + php-fpm use docker-compose . my docker-compose.yml nginx: build: nginx/. ports: – “80:80” links: – php-fpm volumes: – ./code:/var/www/html – ./nginx/nginx:/etc/nginx – ./nginx/logs:/var/log/nginx php-fpm: build: php-fpm/. volumes: – ./code:/var/www/html nginx dockerfile FROM nginx EXPOSE 80 php-fpm dockerfile FROM php:7.0-fpm EXPOSE 9000 Browser shows me 502 Bad Gateway nginx error.log give […]

Docker Service Separation

I am not sure how to separate the services on my server properly with docker. I have an application written in NodeJS and two applications written in PHP. I use NGINX as a webserver/reverse-proxy and MySQL as my database. I am not quite sure which docker container should handle which task and where to store […]

How can I use nginx to forward incoming requests from a certain URL on port 80 to various docker applications

this is my story. I’m running a Meteor.js app that launches docker containers on the same host machine. Meteor.js is set to run on port 8080; where all http and https requests for “/” are forwarded to. My nginx configuration at /etc/nginx/project/sites-available/site is as follows: server { listen 80 default_server; listen [::]:80 default_server ipv6only=on; root […]

Configure Nginx for routing

I am using Nginx docker image on port 80 in my VM (address x.y.z.w). So when I try http://x.y.z.w in my browser, it is showing me Nginx index file. Now I am configuring (basically proxy passing) it for my two docker images running on same VM on ports 8081 and 8082. What I want: when […]

Where is the reverse proxy config in artifactory-registry docker image

I am trying out the docker-registry docker image version 4.7.0 to test out the docker repositories in artifactory. I mounted the following volumes -v $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/data -v $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/logs -v $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/backup -v $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc Is there a way I can look at the nginx configuration for the repositories?

How to config my nginx to a running container with rails using raspian?

I would like to run a container and config my nginx on my rasp pi 2 to expose my rails app to public. How can bind nginx on my raspian with a container?

ngx_http_userid module not generating $uid_got in running Docker container

I am running an nginx docker container based on my image francotestori/kd-nginx wit the following command : sudo docker run –name kd-nginx -v /tmp/log/nginx/:/var/log/nginx/ -v /var/www/:/var/www/ -p 80:80 -d francotestori/kd-nginx www directory that is shared is because I need to serve static files log directory is because I want to access my different log samples […]

Unable to connect to socket server running inside docker container

I have a docker compose file which combines nginx and php like this: nginx: image: nginx ports: – “80:80” – “2443:2443” links: – phpfpm volumes: – ./nginx/anonymous.conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d/anonymous.conf – ./logs/nginx-error.log:/var/log/nginx/error.log – ./logs/nginx-access.log:/var/log/nginx/access.log – ./public:/usr/share/nginx/html phpfpm: image: php:fpm expose: – “2443” volumes: – ./public:/usr/share/nginx/html I can see my website i.e index.php page on browser with the virtual […]

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