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How could I connect to nginx vhost in Docker container from linked php Docker container?

I want to isolate my new project infrastructure using Docker containers and I’m newbie in Docker. I’m stuck with a problem. First of all I will show example of my config and then I will address the problem. Config example nginx: restart: always image: nginx:latest expose: – 80 ports: – 8181:80 # – 80:80 volumes: […]

AWS EB with Docker, Node and Nginx Config Issues

On AWS, I have configured Elastic BeanStalk to deploy multiple EC2 instances running a Dockerized Node app behind a Elastic Load Balancer. In addition, I have AWS Certificate manager working and loading the site over https via SSL. Here is what I am trying to accomplish: Automatically redirect non www to www.domain.com Automatically redirect http […]

Minor change in ansible playbook does not get updated in target host

My playbook is (among other things) starting a docker container: – name: Restart nginx container docker: name: nginx image: my-nginx state: started ports: – “{{ nginx_port }}:80” volumes: – “{{ host_socket }}:{{ container_socket }}” This is correctly starting the container. But if I decide I need to run nginx in another port, and run again […]

Docker and Nginx proxy_pass between containers

I’m trying to run configuration with Docker, Nginx, Gunicorn and Django. Currently I successfully managed to run my container with Gunicorn and Django app using this command: docker run –publish 8003:8000 user/app:latest Now when I connect to localhost:8003 I see my application running. At this point I would like to set up my Nginx in […]

“Permission denied” in Docker container unless –privileged=true

I’m trying to run an nginx container as a service and share 2 volumes between the host machine and container, so that files in one directory are automatically shared with the other paired directory. My docker-compose.yml is the following: version: ‘2’ services: nginx: image: nginx build: . ports: – “5000:80” volumes: – /home/user1/share:/share/user1 – /home/user2/share:/share/user2 […]

Run Teampass in docker with a running nginx proxy

@Moderators: can you please add the Tag teampass to the tag list? I want to run Teampass as a docker container with a nginx as a proxy. I’m not sure if the problem, that Teampass brings it own Apache and works against my nginx or, if I got something else completely wrong. I enter this […]

Docker Nginx disable default exposed port 80

Is there a way to disable the default EXPOSE 80 443 instruction in the nginx docker file without creating my own image? I’m using Docker Nginx image and trying to expose only port 443 in the following way: docker run -itd –name=nginx-test –publish=443:443 nginx But I can see using docker ps -a that the container […]

Why not run uwsgi instances as root

I am reading through the uWSGI documentation and it warns to always avoid running your uWSGI instances as root. What is the reason behind this? Does it matter if it is the only process (besides nginx) running in a docker container, serving up a flask application?

Service inside docker container stops after some time

I have deployed a rest service inside a docker container using uwsgi and nginx. When I run this python flask rest service inside docker container, for first one hour service works fine but after sometime somehow nginx and rest service stops for some reason. Has anyone faced similar issue? Is there any know fix for […]

Dynamically routing hosts to dockers

I’m trying to dynamically route web hosts to LAMP docker containers. Kinda how “apache dynamic virtual hosts” routes web hosts to their webroot folder based on their name (http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/vhosts/mass.html). I’m trying route web hosts to dockers with the same host name using an nginx docker on the same VM.

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