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How to insert dockerised cron process in a docker-compose built LEMP stack?

I have a LEMP stack which is built by this docker-compose file: cadvisor: image: google/cadvisor:latest container_name: lemp_cadvisor ports: – “8080:8080” volumes: – “/:/rootfs:ro” – “/var/run:/var/run:rw” – “/sys:/sys:ro” – “/var/lib/docker/:/var/lib/docker:ro” base: build: ./base container_name: lemp_base volumes: – /home/core/server-lemp/www/:/var/www/:rw phpmyadmin: build: ./phpmyadmin container_name: lemp_phpmyadmin links: – base volumes: – /var/www/phpmyadmin – ./phpmyadmin/var/www/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php:/var/www/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php:rw mariadb: build: ./mariadb container_name: lemp_mariadb […]

Docker push to Artifactory fails – unable to ping resgistry endpoint

I am using Artifactory backed up by nginx as the proxy server. The nginx load balancer is configured with SSL certs from a trusted authority. I created a local docker repo and need to push images but get the following error: unable to ping registry endpoint https://myArtifactory.com/v0/ v2 ping attempt failed with error: Get https://myArtifactory.com/v2/: […]

Why google drive change permission of the file and how to solve it?

I am sharing a project with a non technical team and I share it using google drive. I have a nginx docker that mount the html folder in google drive. But every time I run the docker I always get 403 Access Denied. And google drive also add ^M character at the end of each […]

Create and add a Marathon application

I am new to mesos and now i am trying to execute the Part 1: Creating a Public App on my windows system. I’ve created the nginx.json and then run the command: dcos marathon app add nginx.json I’m getting the error like Error decoding response from [http://ec2-(…).amazonaws.com/marathon/v2/info]: HTTP 404: Not Found below is my folder […]

how to import large file in a local cartodb running in a docker container

I’m using https://hub.docker.com/r/sverhoeven/cartodb/ docker image. I’ve configured nginx as requested. I have an up and running local cartodb, made some cool visualization. I can upload 80MB files as many time as I want to. However, when I try to upload a 240MB file, it doesn’t even try. I immediately have a little pop up in […]

Docker Compose – symlink in deployment

I have an application with this structure. /path/releases /path/releases/01012016 /path/releases/16012016 /path/releases/etc.. And /path/dev (symlink to some version) /path/stag (symlink to some version) /path/stable (symlink to some version) My docker-compose.yml looks like this: nginx: … volumes_from: – data php: … volumes_from: – data data: volumes: – /path/stable:/var/www I known that Docker resolves symlinks. I have thought […]

auto nginx proxy for dockerized websites

Hello stackoverflow community! I am currently having this scenario with dockerized websites. Host Machine – Website A – Website B – Website C All of the websites have different domains. Right now I make a manual proxy_pass from the host machine nginx to the website dockers. e.G. Website A listen to port 9001:80, Website B […]

Can't connect to a supevisor-socket in Nginx

I have a Docker-setup with nginx and my Flask-application (app-container). The nginx-container doesn’t have anything special in it. The app-container holds my Flask-application, uWSGI and Supervisor. This container shares the volume that the uWSIG-socket is in so the nginx-container can use the socket. This works as intended, however, I can’t access the web interface for […]

Docker and Angular app: one or two containers?

I have difficulties to understand the whole proces of an Angular-app in Docker. So anguler needs a webserver to run (like nginx) but also needs nodejs to access the backend? Do you have divide this in 2 containers or how do you have to perform this? I have now 1 container which had as base […]

Redirect different domains to the same apache using reverse proxy

Morning, I’m running a dockerized envirovment (localy and on tutum for production) that consists of: nginx reverse proxy with https://github.com/jwilder/nginx-proxy Multiple sets of containers that are mainly websites with apache and things. The reverse proxy relies on the environment variable VIRTUAL_HOST set on some apaches to redirect traffic and it works well both in development […]

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