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docker registry with nginx: no such host

Here I setup two ubuntu machine which had run as docker registry. I just use the Docker Registry latest Image. Then I setup a ubuntu machine running Nginx which will proxy the request to either of the registries. I changed the Nginx configuration file so I can see “/Docker registry server/” when I “curl” the […]

How run Docker with sync folder on Windows

Well using Kitematic on Windows and starting the container hello-world-nginx. I’m totally able to edit the file on Windows and see the modifications at the browser. But when I create some image and try to edit the file (html), nothing happens. Here’s the command: docker build -t a-example . && docker run –name a-example -i […]

Docker (NGINX, PHP, mySQL) and Windows – File Permissions

I’ve been looking into docker for a few hours; I’m running Windows 8.1 as the host machine, and VirtualBox with boot2docker. This is my docker-compose.yml: mysql: image: mysql ports: – “6603:3306” environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: mysql MYSQL_USER: mysql fpm: image: php:7.0.2-fpm volumes: – /c/Users/Administrator/www:/var/www/html ports: – “9000:9000” links: – mysql nginx: image: nginx ports: – “80:80” – […]

Docker for ruby on rails app

I have a ruby on rails application in my local machine which has Nginx, Phusion passenger, PostgreSQL, Redis as its associated components.How can I create a docker container with all these software/images? Is it possible to run a Cron job in Docker container? I am a starter in docker. Thanks in advance.

Docker OnlyOffice – Nginx 111 Error

I’m using the OnlyOffice DocumentServer (docker version) with my web-accplication. The online-editor runs fine, but when trying to edit a document the online-editor says “Download failed”. After that action the following error appears in my nginx error log: 2016/01/12 12:18:41 [error] 509#0: *230 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: […]

artifactory pro registry docker image

I am trying out the 30 day trial version of the artifactory-registry docker image to evaluate the docker repository for our internal use. I am following the documentation https://www.jfrog.com/confluence/display/RTF/Running+with+Docker After I run the docker image I am able to access the UI on port 8081, however When I try to push an image I get […]

How to combine a Nginx and a NodeJS Docker container

I’ve a nodejs container which hosts my backend and I have a nginx container which is hosting my Angular. They are both working fine. I’m able to visit my nodeJS container and I’m able to visit my Nginx-container. The problem is there seems to be no connection between the containers. The nginx container is only […]

how to make fail2ban read json docker logs

Is it possible to configure my fail2ban jail.conf to inspect the docker logs instead of mounting the log in the host. for example to set the logpath to the path of the log of the container. Jail.conf: … #example [nginx-http-auth] enabled = true filter = nginx-http-auth port = http,https logpath = /var/lib/docker/containers/819564257d4*/*e0923e-json.log … but this […]

Artifactory bad gateway error

I am trying to use artifactory as a docker registry. But pushing docker images gives a Bad Gateway error. Following is my nginx configuration upstream artifactory_lb { server artifactory01.mycomapany.com:8081; server artifactory01.mycomapany.com:8081 backup; server myLoadBalancer.mycompany.com:8081; } log_format upstreamlog ‘[$time_local] $remote_addr – $remote_user – $server_name to: $upstream_addr: $request upstream_response_time $upstream_response_time msec $msec request_time $request_time’; server { listen […]

nginx as proxy to my mysql server in docker

I’m working with a server in the cloud with N dockers containers, in the server I have one nginx that redirect based on the domain to my docker containers, I can perfectly redirect my http traffic, but I’m getting troubles with when it is mysql since it uses a protocol different to http, I tried […]

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