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Why isn't nginx handling requests in this docker-compose/django setup?

I’m trying to learn docker and docker-compose, and have run into a roadblock. The stack is a python:2.7 base image serving up django pages, and this part works fine. I now want to put nginx in front of it as a reverse proxy. When I access localhost:8000 I get django pages as expected. When I […]

Issue staring docker container with nginx and passenger

I am getting this weird issue in my docker container when I try to starting it. The container is trying to run a rails 4 app on Fedora 23 using nginx and passenger, but I am using the package ulyaoth-nginx-passenger5 that install nginx already build with passenger. This configuration is working right outside the container […]

Why am I getting this Nginx error about “No such file or directory”?

I am trying to create a local pip2pi repo and then serve it up via Nginx. I have successfully created the repo and have all the wheel files I am wanting on my local machine. They are located like this: /home/user/code/misc/pip-packs/simple \ —index.html — amqp \ ——– index.html ——– amqp-1.4.6-py2-none-any.whl — django \ ——– index.html […]

docker to connect with mysql database of host system and dump the sql file into host system and then host a web application

I am new to Docker but i have read quite about it. Now my requirement is: I will give my client a shell script which he would run on a base ubuntu os on a completely new system. The docker image should use the database of host system. The shell script will do all the […]

Docker Compose NGINX Proxy and Static Files

For some reason, my docker-compose/node/nginx stack is having trouble serving static files. The reverse proxy side works but serving my css and javascript fails. For every static file requested, I get an error like this: customnginx_1 | 2016/03/29 22:42:13 [error] 6#6: *1 open() “/var/www/static/styles/normalize.css” failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: , […]

Docker stop responding under load

notice that docker stop responding under load. Here is the steps to reproduce the issue: docker-machine create -d virtualbox web docker-machine ip web eval $(docker-machine env web) docker run –name app -d -p 3000:3000 ragesh/hello-express ab -n 100000 -c 100 Server Hostname: Server Port: 3000 Document Path: / Document Length: 207 bytes […]

Multiple Websites and PHP Versions with Docker-Compose

At the moment I’m building my own dev environment because I want to get rid of MAMP. I created a docker-compose file with a nginx proxy and it’s basically working. My problem is, that several old php projects require different php versions. Here is how far I already got with my compose file: version: ‘2’ […]

Ember in docker with nginx can't reach server container

I’ve got a strange issue where my ember application can’t reach the backend server running in a different docker container (on the same host though). Both containers are running and can talk to each other. I can reach the server from the web container using docker-compose exec web curl http://server:8080/token for example. However whenever trying […]

Docker: Curl errors when attempting to contact app in same container

I’ve got some problems with Docker and cURL. I have a Docker-compose container set as follow: app: image: busybox volumes: – /home/ben/dev/dummy/www/:/data/www/ – /home/ben/dev/dummy/logs/:/data/logapache/ – /home/ben/dev/dummy/flux-entrants/:/data/flux-entrants/ nginx: image: docker.dummy.fr/nginx volumes_from: – app ports: – 80:80 links: – php php: image: docker.dummy.fr/actus-php volumes_from: – app ports: – 9000:9000 links: – db – nosql db: image: docker.dummy.fr/mysql-5.6 […]

Docker volume not mounting on Windows

Already added my workspace (W:\) drive to Shared folders, but can’t mount it as volume on Docker containers. Any tips?

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