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Error 500 access in rails app with puma and nginx

I have 6 container to create my own application with microservices. In this project i have an example app. The problem happens when I access the url (http://localhost:80/) the browser returns error 500 with message: return We’re sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the logs for more information. List […]

Docker nginx and Go (Golang) separate containers. Nginx configuration

On my localhost I’ve got Docker with 2 containers: Nginx and Golang. I want to do request from my local machine and get response from Go (localhost -> Nginx -> Go). Containers work. I can go into Nginx container and run curl -v ‘test:8080/path’ -d “param1=value1&param2=value2” and I’ve got correct response. But If I try […]

502 Bad Gateway when accessing virtual host via Jwilder's Nginx proxy

I’ve got a Nginx-proxy (Jwilder, default config) and Gitlab-Instance running on the same host. git.myhost.com points to the host IP. When starting Gitlab with the docker-compose.yml below I get a 502 Bad Gateway upon accessing http://git.myhost.com. The generated /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf in the nginx-proxy container looks fine as well: upstream git.myhost.com { # 2ab9168d-c69e-4725-8c20-31a194ad8d07 server vhost; […]

docker nginx connection refused while connecting to upstream

I use shiny server to build a web-app on port 3838, when i use nginx in my server it works well. But when I stop nginx on my server and try to use docker nginx, I find the site comes to a ‘502-Bad Gate Way’ error and nginx log shows: 2016/04/28 18:51:15 [error] 8#8: *1 […]

Docker: docker-compose.yml file of nginx+mariadb+php+redis

I want to write a docker-compose.yml of nginx+mariadb+php+redis, I read the documentation about compose-file,url: https://docs.docker.com/compose/compose-file/#versioning format is like this: version: ‘2’ services: web: build: . ports: – “5000:5000” volumes: – .:/code networks: – front-tier – back-tier redis: image: redis volumes: – redis-data:/var/lib/redis networks: – back-tier volumes: redis-data: driver: local networks: front-tier: driver: bridge back-tier: driver: […]

Nginx + dnsmasq = 'could not be resolved (5: Operation refused)'

I’m trying to set up a django site using docker, nginx and uwsgi: I have a nginx docker container working as a reverse proxy (called ceca-nginx-proxy) where dnsmasq is running and another nginx (ceca-nginx) container that communicates with an uwsgi container (ceca-uwsgi), I can connect using curl (with curl –resolve http://test.ceca.com to the ceca-nginx […]

Dockernized Nginx + (Rails+Unicorn)+Redis+PostgreSQL:connect() failed (111: Connection refused)

I am trying to run 4containers(Nginx + (Rails+Unicorn)+Redis+PostgreSQL) with docker-compose,but it does not work.I checked my Dockerfile and nginx.conf couldnt solve the Nginx connection refuse problem(404 not found on browser). [error] 8#8: *1 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: localhost, request: “GET / HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “”, host: “” My […]

Nginx Cache file is too small

I have tried enabling Nginx caching in my Elastic Beanstalk application. For this matter I’ve added the following lines in my Nginx configuration file – proxy_cache_path /tmp levels=1:2 keys_zone=analytics-cache:50m max_size=1g inactive=5m use_temp_path=off; proxy_cache analytics-cache; The problem is that once I start up Nginx I get the following error in the error.log – cache file “/tmp/restore_docker_image_names.sh” […]

How to put ownCloud behind Nginx with Docker?

I want to access an ownCloud instance trough Nginx both set up inside separate Docker containers. So I’ve made docker-compose.yml: nginx: image: nginx ports: – 80:80 volumes: – ./nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf links: – owncloud owncloud: image: owncloud ports: – 6789:80 volumes: – ~/ownCloud:/var/www/html/data And nginx.conf to proxify requests with following contents: http { server { listen 80 […]

Server setup: Subdomain or different port for API and single or multiple ssl certificates for a docker, nginx, web and api setup?

I am using digital ocean with ubuntu 15.10 for my server. I have three docker containers: nginx, web (for an angular 2 app), and rails for a rails API. I am planning on setting up the nginx configuration file as follows: port 443 is proxy passed by nginx to my web app. After that I’m […]

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