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How to deploy django 1.8 on Elastic Beanstalk using Docker

My restrictions are: Django is to be deployed using uWSGI with nginx Django app is to use postgresql that is hosted on RDS the dockerfile will use ubuntu:14.04 as the container OS This is what I have for docker setup: https://github.com/simkimsia/aws-docker-django It contains a dockerfile and other configuration files. I have tested it on linux […]

nodejs, docker, nginx and amazon aws deployment

There have been many questions regarding docker, node and amazon aws and I have read most of them but I haven’t got my answer. I have been working on a production node.js API project for last some weeks and now that the API’s are complete I have to deploy them. There are a total of […]

docker-compose nginx volumes not mounted

I have docker-compose.yml with just nginx in it but when running it the volumes is not found inside the nginx container. The Dockerfile works fine in another setup and the src dir exists, so i dont understand why this doesnt work here? Nginx says: nginx_1 | 2015/06/04 09:33:32 [error] 13#0: *1 open() “/var/www/web/index.html” failed (2: […]

Get 502 Bad Gateway when use fastcgi_pass:

I have next docker-compose file: nginx: build: . ports: – “80:80” – “443:443” links: – fpm fpm: image: php:fpm ports: – “9000:9000” The Dockerfile command list is: FROM nginx ADD ./index.php /usr/share/nginx/html/ # Change Nginx config here… RUN rm /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf ADD ./default.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/ And my custom Nginx config default.conf file is: server { listen 80; […]

NGINX based sample website in a container

I am using Docker and tried to use James Turnbull’s book to create a container with a working nginx. After creating and running container I have tried to access HTML page on the public port, but I’ve got 403 Forbidden status code. Dockerfile is here: FROM ubuntu:14.04 RUN apt-get -yqq update && apt-get -yqq install […]

Docker nginx container exists instantly

I want to have some control over the official nginx image, so I wrote my own Dockerfile that adds some extra funtionality to it. The file has the following contents: FROM nginx RUN mkdir /var/www/html COPY nginx/config/global.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/ COPY nginx/config/nginx.conf /etc/nginx/nginx.conf When I build this image and create a container of the image using this […]

Phalcon doesnt work properly on nginx

Today I have a problem with Phalcon (2.0.7). Main environment is running Centos 7 which runs docker with Debian’s latest image. On Docker I have installed PHP 5.4.45 and Nginx 1.2.1 There is config file (/etc/nginx/nginx.conf) user www-data www-data; ## Default: nobody worker_processes 5; ## Default: 1 error_log logs/error.log; #pid logs/nginx.pid; worker_rlimit_nofile 8192; events { […]

HTTP Code 504 while uploading layer “”

When trying to push images to private registry, the error HTTP Code 504 while uploading layer “” is often occurring.There after it throws , Error response from daemon: invalid registry endpoint https://registrydomain.com/v0/: unable to ping registry endpoint https://registrydomain.com/v0/, the registry seems to go into hang state. I have increased proxy_timeout to 900sec to see if […]

Bad gateway error on target website configured using the “nginx-proxy” docker container

I try to resolve a 502 gateway error on my vps on latex.comnmodel.org, using the great nginx-proxy docker container. I’m lost in config, so i crosspost this problem as a question in github, and here to find an help. My docker0 is, and the docker -ps command return : CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED […]

Structure of Angular / NodeJS repository which will run in docker

We have repository with an application written in Angular. It needs a docker container with nginx to be hosted. The nodejs needs a docker container of nodejs so our app will be split up in 2 containers which will be linked. So to write 2 dockerfiles (one for each image) we have to split up […]

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