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Web service under Docker connection issue

I’m having some troubles running Apache under Docker, and I wanted to ask for some directions. My current setup is the following : I have Docker 0.8 installed on an Ubuntu 12.04 server. I want to run an Apache server under Docker, and bind it to a specific ip on the host, my intention being […]

Dokku / Docker deployment of non-http nodejs app

My objective right now is automatize a nodejs app which use just a telnet connection to receive client data (it is embed devices which send stats and their position). What they do is just send a simple csv text line so there’s no HTTP headers or HTTP protocol. It looks like that: var net = […]

How to make docker containers host-agnostic

I want to have this configuration: webcontainer1 / / haproxy_container \ \ webcontainer2 All three components are docker containers. Yes, I can –link them, and put container names into haproxy configuration, and everything works, provided all 3 are on the same host. But then, I want to be able to move my webcontainers to other […]

Docker container behind virtual router

My docker host does not has directly internet access. It is behind a virtual router. I have add a static route to the route table to connect to outside. # route Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface * U 0 0 0 eth0 link-local * U […]

Same IP address for multiple Bluemix Docker containers

Like the title says, is it possible to run multiple Bluemix containers with the same public IP address, but with different ports exposed? (There should be no need to buy additional or waste IPv4 space.) I’d like to run 6 differently parameterized (with environment variables) containers. The difference would be the exposed port numbers (and […]

docker.local hostname in /etc/hosts not resolving on OSX for docker machine (causing rspec tests to fail)

I had a bug today where my rspec tests ran fine, down to the last expectation, but then I still got a “database connection timeout error”. This is running rails locally, connecting to a postgres instance inside of docker, using docker machine. Docker machine instructions guided me to create an entry in my /etc/hosts file: […]

flannel tunnel solution in kubernetes

I built a kubernetes cluster with two nodes, and flannel is the networking solution: node1: node2: flannel0 of node1: flannel0 of node2: There is pod1 running on node1 with ip address:,and pod2 running on node2 with ip address: I attached to pod1 to ping pod2, at the same time, I captured packets from […]

Why do ping packets not reach a custom gateway in docker?

The Story I have the following virtual Docker network configuration: …10.2 …10.3 …100.3 …100.2 +——+ +——-+ +——+ | so_A +–so_net_a–+ so_AB +–so_net_b–+ so_B | +——+ …10.0/24 +——-+ ..100.0/24 +——+ Build with the setup script in the end of the question. Here so_A, so_AB and so_B are Debian containers; so_net_a and so_net_b are Docker networks (a […]

How to divert traffic from a docker container's ethernet interface to a bridge?

We have a virtualized solution in-place. I am trying to port the environment into docker. Now the problem i am facing is that like the way, docker uses the concept of network-namespace to create virtual ethernet interfaces and move the other end of my network-pipe to docker container, in the same way virtualized environment running […]

Docker – curl returned “connection reset”

I have docker host in a virtual machine. the host is boot2docker 1.10-rc1. and a container from a centOS 7.2 image. I tried to run some application inside the container. I started the two application and check the network status: [root@564f3e59142b logs]# netstat -lnput Active Internet connections (only servers) Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign […]

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