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Network path between containers in custom network

I’m trying to understand the network path taken between 2 containers in a custom network. My environment and setup: – CentOS 7 Linux VM – Docker version 1.10 – A custom bridge network – 2 containers that use the custom bridge network – –iptables=false in the docker daemon What I am trying to understand is […]

Docker Container's network interface in promiscuous mode

compose a 3 services architecture and a virtual bridged network on which the three services are attached. I want one of the container to be able to listen to all the traffic within the virtual network (promiscuous mode). Is it possible? I’ve tried almost everything but nothing seems to be working. What I’ve tried: Giving […]

How to forward port on running vagrant box

I have multiple docker containers running in vagrant box exposing various ports, but I forgot to forward these ports in Vagrantfile. Is it possible to forward the necessary ports without rebooting the machine (initializing all those containers would take a long while) and if not, what is the fastest method in that case? Is there […]

How to set a specfic ip address with docker-compose who's accessible

currently I playaround with Docker and I liked it, but how can I set a IP-Address with docker-compose ? Here’s my problem, on the docker-compose website is a quickstart example with WordPress. version: ‘2’ services: db: image: mysql:5.7 volumes: – “./.data/db:/var/lib/mysql” restart: always environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: wordpress MYSQL_DATABASE: wordpress MYSQL_USER: wordpress MYSQL_PASSWORD: wordpress wordpress: depends_on: – […]

how to diagnose blocked service responses

i have a few services running a little server. if i run one of the arbitrary services manually, i can very clearly see the request-response lifecycle complete successfully after client request. however, the client never actually receives the response. i’ve observed this behavior both in browser and with curl. it’s as though my system is […]

Docker container DHCP like bridged VirtualBox

In our company we recently dockerized our product especially for development. The product is CentOS based solution. We also use VirtualBox to run CentOS and Windows part of it. These parts have to communicate with each other over the network. Company network uses DHCP and for VBox I used to have 3 IPs (my dev […]

Docker network with AWS VPC

We have separate applications which working on multicasting among some random ports and we can’t use docker default bridge network. Even we can’t use host network for auto scaling. So we have to use overlay network or something like that. When we tested in our on datacenter with bare metal servers, we used macvlan and […]

Unable to connect to dockerized postgres on localhost, but remote connection is working

I created docker postgres instance with docker run -d \ –name test_db \ -v data:/var/lib/postgresql/data \ -e “POSTGRES_PASSWORD=abcdefghij” \ -e “POSTGRES_USER=testuser” \ -p 5432:5432 \ postgres I can properly connect to this database from other hosts using public server ip, eg. psql -U testuser -h -d testuser // in reality I use proper IP […]

Windows Container networking: transparent network: Unable to curl container

I have created a docker images with following dockerfile FROM golang:1.7.3-nanoserver ADD simplehttp.go C:/gopath/simplehttp.go EXPOSE 8081 CMD go run simplehttp.go By running: docker run -p 8081:8081 simplehttp:v1 I could curl from the docker host(which is the VM) from my PC However: docker network create -d transparent MyTransparentNetwork docker run –network=MyTransparentNetwork simplehttp:v1 I could not […]

How do I configure a bridged network for Docker?

I’m new to Docker (have been working with KVM earlier). The first problem I ran in to was how to configure a bridged network in Docker. I would to have a similiar configuration as a KVM bridged network. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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