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Docker : Unable to run Docker commands

I have installed docker engine v1.12.3 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and since after the following changes to enable Remote API, I’m not able to pull or run any of the docker images, Added DOCKER_OPTS=”-H tcp://″ in /etc/default/docker. /etc/init.d/docker start. Following is the error received, docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon […]

Restrict Docker exposed port from only specific IP adresses

How to restrict a container’s port exposed by Docker from only a list of IPs? Only this list of IP would be able to access this port. I tried that: iptables -I DOCKER -p tcp –dport PORT_X -j REJECT –reject-with icmp-port-unreachable iptables -I DOCKER -p tcp –dport PORT_X –source EXTERNAL_IP_1 –destination HOST_IP_1 -j ACCEPT iptables […]

How to make communication between two docker containers running on two different hosts?

I explored basics of docker. While exploring networking part, I found docker0 bridge which allows communication between two containers running on same host. But, I have two containers running on two different hosts. Does anyone know how to make communication between these two containers?

Private Network broken in Vagrant with Docker

I create a Virtualbox vm via Vagrant by using the default Docker Vagrantfile. Building the vm with vagrant up works as expected and provides a running box to work with. I then needed the ability to forward ports and added the following to the Vagrantfile: Vagrant::VERSION >= “1.1.0” and Vagrant.configure(“2”) do |config| config.vm.network :forwarded_port, :host […]

How can let docker use my network router to assign dhcp ip to containers easily instead of pipework?

I have checked this Assigning IP address to docker containers? But it’s 2013. Anything for 2014? I’ve tried pipework but I don’t know why it’s not working. Any documentation or guideline I can do it? Do I have to set the network as br0 or something first? Does anyone know how to get it done […]

why docker container still can communicate with outside when i shutdown the iptables

I’m new for docker, and have some basic questions about network of docker container for help, I read the article about network configuration for docker: https://docs.docker.com/articles/networking/ there is a part introducing how to use the iptables to make docker container communicate with outside, and actually i can understand this part: 1 from container to outside, […]

Can't communicate client with Docker(Centos 7) + DNS Server(Container Ubuntu 14.04) with Virtual Box

I have a problem with Docker(Centos 7) + DNS Server(Container Ubuntu 14.04) with Virtual Box. First I need explain how I built the structure: I’m testing Docker with virtual machine, in this case with Virtual Box. I created one virtual machine with Centos 7 with one network card in mode bridge. Inside Centos 7 have […]

Docker Network inside a container partially working

I have running the “FROM php:5.6-apache” container with my own php application. That works. But one part didn’t. My application can not use the network. If i run manualy docker run -t -i myapp ping it that works great. But if my app does it like $ping = exec(“ping -c 1 -s 64 -t […]

Web service under Docker connection issue

I’m having some troubles running Apache under Docker, and I wanted to ask for some directions. My current setup is the following : I have Docker 0.8 installed on an Ubuntu 12.04 server. I want to run an Apache server under Docker, and bind it to a specific ip on the host, my intention being […]

Dokku / Docker deployment of non-http nodejs app

My objective right now is automatize a nodejs app which use just a telnet connection to receive client data (it is embed devices which send stats and their position). What they do is just send a simple csv text line so there’s no HTTP headers or HTTP protocol. It looks like that: var net = […]

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