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How to get the clients external ip, im using Gcloud/kubernetes

i recently started working with kubernetes on gcloud, its been pretty smooth so far, but i cant seem to get the clients/user external ip address on my app using wildfly(jsf) any ideas would be appreciated! I expose my pod using the following command: kubectl expose rc modcluster-replication-controller –name=modcluster –type=”LoadBalancer” 1 pod running wildfly standalone mode […]

From local development to dockerized microservices

I am getting started with dockerized micro services. A couple of them are running (see the code snippet below). In my local test setup, each service was available at localhost:somePort. E.g. the frontend would try to connect to the backend API at localhost:backend1. Now in the containerized world this does not work anymore. Am I […]

docker bind socket to outside port

I’m using docker. Inside docker I have app that binds listening socket to ip of outside machine (ip of machine where I have docker running). is there any way I can make such listening socket work? that’s bound to outside ip address ( and not docker’s eth0 (

Configure the network interfaces of the host a docker container is running on

I have a web service (webpage) that allows the user to configure the network interfaces of the host (it is basically a webpage used to configure the host NICs). Now we are thinking of moving such service inside a docker container. That means that the sw running inside the container should be able to modify […]

Kubernetes services to be exposed to local machine

I am running my kubernetes cluster using kubeadm (local using VMWare VMs). As a part of installation , I have installed Weave Network Adapter to establish relation between master and slave. I could able to create the pods and services successfully. Even, could able to get the application using the private IP that kubeadm has […]

Cannot ping docker container from the host machine

I created a docker container from the docker image centos:7, and started it through the following command: docker run -h centos -it CONTAINER_ID You can see that I gave it the hostname centos, so it should work if I ping the docker container from my host machine. ping centos Well, it didn’t work. I got […]

Terminal with Docker Compose with Links

I would like to link three services together (db, nginx, and web service) under a bridge network and be able to poke at the different services from my localhost or from inside the container, and have an interactive terminal for the web service. How can I achieve this? My docker-compose configuration is the following: version: […]

Can not ping docker container from another host which is in the same LAN

I have two hosts, in the same LAN, both running docker: Host A: Host B: I can ping host A from host B. But, I can not ping a docker container on host A from host B. I created a docker container running ubuntu, in the docker default network (bridge). The default docker0’s […]

Exposing ports to all containers, not only the host

I can ping InfluxDB running inside a docker container, with a port exposed in the host, from the host: ยป curl -k -L -I https://localhost:8086/ping HTTP/1.1 204 No Content Content-Type: application/json Request-Id: 2bb1059b-360e-11e7-8001-000000000000 X-Influxdb-Version: 1.2.0 Date: Thu, 11 May 2017 05:53:34 GMT I run an Ubuntu 16.04 docker container (with curl installed), connected to the […]

How to access docker container from another machine on local network

I’m using Docker for Windows( I am not using Docker Toolbox that use a VM) but I cannot see my container from another machine on local network. In my host everything is perfect and runs well,however, I want that other people use my container. Despite being posting the same question in Docker’s Forum , The […]

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