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Docker error resolve host and I/O error on POST request for http://es.example/oauth/check_token Connection refused

I’ve two containers one with AuthServer and another with an api rest/ Resource server. The flow works with the AuthServer on a container and the ResourceServer in local but when I deploy the Resource server into container shows: “error”: “Internal Server Error”, “exception”: “org.springframework.web.client.ResourceAccessException”, “message”: “I/O error on POST request for \”http://es.example/oauth/check_token\”: Connection refused; nested […]

Can SSH in but not out of docker container: network unreachable

Real docker noob here, trying to get an ubuntu container that can be accessed via SSH. I’m using an image using this dockerfile and building & running it with docker build -t sshable ~/PATH/” and “docker run –name test -t sshable I can ssh out to the host and a VM on it just fine […]

How to get user ip, if the requests go through hyberkube?

Nginx is losing the IP of the user as the queries go through the hyberkube proxy and he substitutes your IP address. How can I avoid this? Wait for version 1.4? https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/issues/10921

Issue with docker compose db2-express c

I’m trying to set up an environment for developing my projects. I need a websphere container and a db2 container. I commit my own version of the containers in my repo, now using a single command docker-compose up I would like to start the entire environment. My docker-compose.yml is version: ‘2’ services: web: image: <my_user>/websphere-liberty-of-mine […]

Make one Docker Compose service know the domain name of another

I’m using Docker Compose to create two containers. One runs an Nginx web server which serves the mydomain.com website, and the second needs to send HTTP requests to the first one (using the mydomain.com domain name). I don’t want to have to check the Nginx container’s ip each time I run it and then use […]

Docker “/bin/bash” could not be invoked when mounting an NFS file with -v on openstack

I’m running an Ubuntu 14.04 instance that has docker installed on openstack. I’m trying to mount a volume into a docker container. I’m doing this with docker run -t -i -v /mnt/data/dir:/mnt/test ubuntu Where /mnt/data/dir is an NFS shared directory. Doing this gets me: docker: Error response from daemon: Container command ‘/bin/bash’ could not be […]

Docker macvlan network cannot connect to the gateway

Output of docker version: Client: Version: 1.12.0 API version: 1.24 Go version: go1.6.3 Git commit: 8eab29e Built: OS/Arch: linux/amd64 Server: Version: 1.12.0 API version: 1.24 Go version: go1.6.3 Git commit: 8eab29e Built: OS/Arch: linux/amd64 Environment details: Two docker hosts (VMware virtual machines) connected to one vlan. Gateway is xx.xx.xx.1, first VM has address xx.xx.xx.3 and […]

Access Docker Container App from phone on local network

I have set up my environment similar to here I can access the django app from my host machine fine. I want to open the django app from my mobile phone on the same network but I get an err_connection_refused. I have followed the instructions here and here but when I build my containers I […]

Docker container reach outside network addresses

I’d like my docker container to be able to reach a set of network addresses, (for example being able to ping is there a built-in way to do this, or should I adjust my routing tables to docker0 interface by hand? UPDATE I’ve tried port forwarding docker run -it -p -d debian:latest /bin/bash […]

Route over docker bridge network to docker overlay network

I have multiple containers connected through an overlay network. One of these containers is also connected to the docker_gwbridge network. Now, I want to add a route from the host system to the overlay network by using the container connected to the bridge network as getway. Overlay subnet is and my container has the […]

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