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how to create docker overlay network between multi hosts?

I have been trying to create an overlay network between two hosts with no success. I keep getting the error message: mavungu@mavungu-Aspire-5250:~$ sudo docker -H tcp:// network create -d overlay myapp Error response from daemon: 500 Internal Server Error: failed to parse pool request for address space “GlobalDefault” pool “” subpool “”: cannot find address […]

Docker receiving multicast traffic

We have a dockerized server application that is doing auto-discovery of physical appliances on the network by listening for multicast packets on port 6969. So we need our docker container to be able to receive these packets from devices outside the host, through the host, and in to the container. I’ve seen some similar issues […]

docker: how to get veth bridge interface pair easily?

i have 2 containers by docker, and bridge like this: root@venus-166:~# docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES ef99087167cb images.docker.sae.sina.com.cn/ubuntu:latest /bin/bash -c /home/c 2 days ago Up 21 minutes>22223/tcp night_leve3 c8a7b18ec20d images.docker.sae.sina.com.cn/ubuntu:latest /bin/bash -c /home/c 2 days ago Up 54 minutes>22223/tcp night_leve2 bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces docker0 […]

Docker macvlan network, unable to access internet

I have a dedicated server with multiple IP addresses, some IP’s have mac address associated while others(in a subnetwork) doesn’t have mac addresses. I have created docker macvlan network using: docker network create -d macvlan -o macvlan_mode=bridge –subnet= –gateway= -o parent=eth0 macvlan_bridge I have ip: with mac: 00:50:56:00:60:42. Created a container using: docker run […]

How to configure a Docker container to be reachable by container_ip:port from outside the host machine?

I have a host machine with multiple IP addresses assigned to one network interface. I’d like to configure Docker in order to have containers “responding” each one to a single IP of these IP addresses assigned to the host machine. Can this be done with libcontainer or do I have to use the LXC driver […]

specify ip address for docker for mac

I’m using Docker for Mac Beta and it runs from spotlight. Is there any way to run it from console or force to use any configuration file to specify ip address for docker host. Right now it changing from to (each start of docker it can have any random IP) probably I need […]

Is swarm required for using multi-host networking feature using overlay in docker

I have followed through the example at getting started overlay and i have a simple query. Is it possible to use multi-host networking feature using overlay without creating a swarm cluster? I don’t want to use third party plugins like weave etc. I want to use docker native networking support for this. I have 3.16+ […]

Docker Network Nginx Resolver

I am trying to get rid of deprecated Docker links in my configuration. What’s left is getting rid of those Bad Gateway nginx reverse proxy errors when I recreated a container. Note: I am using Docker networks in bridge mode. (docker network create nettest) I am using the following configuration snippet inside nginx: location / […]

Docker 1.10 container's IP in LAN

Since Docker 1.10 (and libnetwork update) we can manually give an IP to a container inside a user-defined network, and that’s cool! I want to give a container an IP address in my LAN (like we can do with Virtual Machines in “bridge” mode). My LAN is, all my computers have IP addresses inside […]

Change default route in docker container

I have a docker container that is connected to two networks, the default bridge and a custom bridge. Via the default, it is linked to another container only in the default network and via the custom bridge, it gets an IP address in local network. LAN — [homenet] — container1 — [bridge] — container2 sudo […]

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