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multiple docker compose container – single ip

I have this application. How can I assign a single ip-address to the web-service and use the database within? version: “2” services: web: image: kartoffeltoby/typo3:latest hostname: localhost container_name: web ports: – 80:80 link: – db:database volumes: – ./www/:/var/www/ environment: – DOCROOT=/var/www/web – PAGESPEED=Off db: image: mysql:5.6 hostname: database volumes: – ./DB/:/var/lib/mysql/ – ./db/:/var/tmp/db environment: – […]

Connect Windows container to Linux container running on same Docker host

Originally asked on ServerFault since I think this is a networking question, but was told to move here: https://serverfault.com/questions/844480/connect-windows-container-to-linux-container-running-on-same-docker-host I have RabbitMQ running in a Linux container and I want to connect to it from a Windows container, both containers are running on the same host, a Windows 10 PC. I start RabbitMQ like this: […]

Create multiple Docker network connections

Monday when I got to work I realized that Docker was something that I had to use to fix some server issues in the company at the moment. So since this week all my work has been studying Docker and try to make it work as soon as possible. So far I understood the containers […]

how to add an external IP to a docker container?

so since a week i’ve been studying docker and all the options available. And i have a VPS with 3 extra static IPs. The idea is to connect each container to a different IP or maybe add 3 networks with different containers and having each network connected to a different IP. I saw few days […]

Docker container cannot connect to host machine: No route to host

I’ve been trying to setup a docker environment using docker compose. One issue that has me stumped is that my docker containers cannot reach my host machine. I setup a container using the following compose file: version: ‘3’ services: webapp: image: … ports: – “8080:8080” When I enter the container, I am able to ping […]

Access KVM VM over the network from a Docker container

KVM is used to host some VMs in the network Docker is running on the same machine in I need to configure networking so that Docker containers can access a KVM VM. For testing purpose I have two machines, each running a webserver to test working connections using wget: Docker Container on […]

Docker DNS Not Seeing External Servers

I’ve been recently having hostname resolving issues with Docker Version 17.04-CE and I’m not sure what is causing it. I currently have docker setup not to use any options for when running, but lately my containers can no longer access google and any other hosts on the internet when connecting via domain names (IPV4 works […]

Docker networking revers proxy without docker-compose

The challange As described, I want to accomplish the same goal with docker itself as I would with the help of docker-compose. I want to get a deeper understanding of docker and enable the ability to work with docker on platforms, where docker-compose is not an option. What I do currently (with docker-compose) 1) I […]

How to make host interfaces, including cni* accessible in kubernetes privileged pods?

We would like see traffic from other interfaces on the host, but noticed that they are not visible in the kubernetes pods. Is there an option that can be configured in the yaml file to make the interface(s) visible in the pods which are running in privileged mode.

Assigning Public IP to SQL Server Docker Image

I am using the latest Docker version (17 CE) on a Mac OSX and I have spun up an instance of SQL Server using the following tutorial: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/linux/sql-server-linux-setup-docker The server was set up successfully and I managed to connect to it from outside the container via an SQL command line utility. The next step is […]

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