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Ubuntu 16.04 freeze when connecting to wireless network after starting docker daemon

System Environment: 1. Ubuntu 16.04.2 kernel 4.8.0 2. docker version 1.13.1 3. usb wireless driver rtl8192cu 4. There is a wired network already. It’s working properly. Problem: After I first start docker daemon with service docker start, If I use the network manager to connect a wireless network, the whole desktop freeze. I can’t do […]

marathon + mesos + networking + docker-compose

I am newbie, don’t know what I am missing? While deploying on hostserver following attribute is coming empty in http://HostIP:5050/master/state.json “tasks”: [], “completed_tasks”: [], “offers”: [], “executors”: [] Mesos is working perfectly fine and showing required data on Localhost. below is http://localhost:5050/master/state.json { “version”: “1.1.0”, “git_sha”: “a44b077ea0df54b77f05550979e1e97f39b15873”, “git_tag”: “1.1.0”, “build_date”: “2016-11-16 01:30:23”, “build_time”: 1479259823.0, “build_user”: […]

Communication between two flask services in Docker

I have two Flask apps, each in separate container. I would like to call app A from app B. At the moment I can do that only by hard-coding IP of the app A like this: @app.route(‘/’) def hello_world(): r = requests.get(‘’) return r.text Is there a simple way of making calls using containers aliases? […]

ASP.NET Core Docker port forwarding on Ubuntu 16.10

I cannot reach ASP.NET Core app running on Docker form host. Dockerfile: FROM microsoft/dotnet:latest WORKDIR /app ENV ASPNETCORE_URLS http://*:5000 EXPOSE 5000 I run it like this: docker run -v $(pwd):/app -p 5000:5000 -it dotnet from application’s directory. Then I execute dotnet run command inside the attached container and get the result of: Content root path: […]

Put docker0 behind NAT

I have installed docker with default settings on 3 physical machines. Docker created interface docker0 with default ip in bridge mode. I expected that this network would be private. Problem is that I cannot ping but i can apring why is this so? I want this network to bi completely private. ➜ […]

Docker Compose v3 Ports issue

I’ve started using Docker 17.03.0 to make use of swarm/deploy. I am wondering if I have stumbled across a bug, or am configuring something incorrectly here. With a standard docker-compose up on our previous, no swarm, setup I was able to expose a port to localhost only (not the outside world). It seems the same […]

docker: how to do/setup networking container-to-host for udp / snmp

I’m using docker for mac, and I’m running an snmp server inside a container, to which I usually send GET requests. For send/receive, docker networking works, as it’ll forward/inbound to localhost port to the container. Where this doesn’t work is for outbound, i.e. when the container software needs to send to another machine, or in […]

Connect docker container to both internet and VPN

I have a windows 10 machine, with two network interfaces, once directly connected to the internet, the other a virtual adaptor created by OpenVPN client which gives me connectivity to our internal network. When using docker, If I start the docker service before connecting to the VPN, the docker nat will bind to the primary […]

Docker force container to specific physical interface

I’ve been searching around the internet for the past week or so to find a solution to this, but so far I have come up empty handed. There are three network interfaces available to my host, and I need to execute a phantomjs script on the wlan1 interface. My idea was to utilize Docker, but […]

Docker mine craft connection issues

I am having real issues with connecting to my mine craft server that is contained inside a docker container. https://hub.docker.com/r/itzg/minecraft-server/ is the container i’m using, and I am running it with this command. sudo docker run -d -it –e EULA=TRUE -p 25565:25565 –name mc25565 itzg/minecraft-server I have done a lot of reasearch related to this […]

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