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How to communicate with Kafka server running inside a docker

I am using apache KafkaConsumer in my Scala app to talk to a Kafka server wherein the Kafka and Zookeeper services are running in a docker container on my VM (the scala app is also running on this VM). I have setup the KafkaConsumer’s property “bootstrap.servers” to use The KafkaConsumer does log, “Sending coordinator […]

Failed to connect to port 8888: Timed out

I’ve been getting this Error which has made me unable to use some certain commands on my computer like pip,easy_install,even commit on github and gitbucket and this started when I tried using docker but it gave me issues. Please what can I do to fix this problem?

Docker and Vagrant connection

I have 2 apps set locally. One (app_v) is running on vagrant, and I can access it on browser with Second (app_d) is running on docker-compose, and I can access it on browser with The problem is, they don’t seem to fully see each other. I ssh into my vagrant machine of app_v. […]

docker-compose down default_network error

I have a docker-compose with some php, mysql and so on starting. After a few days, I cannot bring them down as everything stopps instead of mysql. It always gives me the following error: ERROR: network docker_default has active endpoints this is my docker-compose.yml version: ‘2’ services: php: build: php-docker/. container_name: php ports: – “9000:9000” […]

Docker network (namespaces): how to tag network packages?

I would like to create a Docker network and connect a container with tagging the networks packages. I assume that Docker networking makes also use of the net_cls resource and it should be in principle be possible to use the classid value to tag packages, or? However, in the Docker network documentation I found no […]

Ports are blocked: Can't install Docker Universal Control Plane on Ubuntu

WARN[0012] Unauthorized users may be able to access this node since it’s listening on port 2375, 2376. Learn more at https://docker.com/ddc-18 WARN[0012] Installation will continue in 10 seconds… FATA[0070] the following required ports are blocked on your host: 12384, 12379, 12382, 12376, 2376, 12381, 12385, 4789, 12387, 12386, 443, 12383, 12380. Check your firewall settings

Docker has two bridge networks named 'bridge'. How to remove?

I got a situation when docker has two networks named ‘bridge’: docker network ls NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER SCOPE 69d9ccbbdb69 bridge bridge local 184293ca26f7 bridge bridge local 23fd06d9c0cd host host local c71def85845a none null local All containers are connected to one bridge ‘184..’. I cannot remove the second bridge: docker network rm 69d Error response […]

Docker Google cloud

I have a CentOS VM instance in google cloud and I have installed docker on CentOS. I have created a container with web interface. I am not able to access it When i try to access it from outside (In browser Other tab). What do I need to do to access it from outside of […]

Docker multi container networking on same host

So, I have database container and a webserver container running on the same OSX machine. If, I use below to start webserver container: docker run –name ora-tools-wls -it -p 7001:7001 orawls accessing webserver in host browser as http://localhost:7001/console works just fine. The problem is: the database connection would require the host machine ip to access […]

Weave network terminating the network

I am trying to access VM after installing the weave network on kubernetes cluster. But, the network is getting terminated For more details , Please follow the below link . https://github.com/weaveworks/weave/issues/2835

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